Dragon Quest I, II, and III Switch releases confirmed for the west

From Nintendo Everything: "The first three Dragon Quest games for Switch are coming to North America and Europe, Square Enix has confirmed. They’ll all be available starting September 27.

These titles are expected to be digital-only in the west. However, in Asia, a physical version will be offered with English support. It can be imported from Play-Asia here."

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vacojir34d ago

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FallenAngel198434d ago

Why isn’t this also coming to PS4? Japanese gamers got the trio of games on that platform but not western audiences?

KeenBean34534d ago

I think it'll eventually come over, both this and Grandia HD collection will I reckon

Outlawzz34d ago

The first two are too archaic for me honestly lol never tried the 3rd but it'll probly be the same case with that one as well. Super Nintendo is really where rpgs started really shining for me. If I play any nes ones I can't get into them since their really barebones but more power to those who can play them through to the end till this day lol

Razmiran34d ago

Id say give 3 a try
Its the blueprint for the SNES rpgs and its much better than 1 and 2

ZeekQuattro34d ago

Nice. Been ages since I played the orginal.