Borderlands 3 is an attention seeking brat because of a crowded industry

From VG247: "Fallout 3 had set the world on fire and was halfway through a victory tour of DLC. Doom developer id Software was busy selling us on a blasted desert ahead of Rage. And in the middle was Borderlands, a photorealistic FPS from the developer of Brothers in Arms. It didn’t matter that all three belonged to different genres, building on The Elder Scrolls, Doom, and Diablo respectively; they were all deeply brown games about frontier life in the wasteland. Gearbox knew that if it didn’t take drastic action, Borderlands was destined to be a footnote in an industry trend for muddy vistas."

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Trixz_D33d ago

Borderlands is photorealistic? Are you sure about that?

AfricanWoolf33d ago

Poorly chosen quote.

I clicked and the next paragraph reads

"During the final year of Borderlands’ development, the team swapped out the brown for thick outlines and comic book shading – a change so drastic and divisive at Gearbox that the game’s original art director left games and never came back."

SolidGamerX33d ago

You must not have read the actual article, they were referring to the art direction for the first Borderlands prior to Gearbox switching to cell shaded.

Hedstrom33d ago

Borderlands was never photorealistic. It wasnt as cartoonish, but it was always cellshaded!

Hedstrom33d ago

Okey! Hadnt seen that trailer, but the finished game was never photorealistic!

kernel33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

So what’s the point of this article really? The change in art style might have got peoples attention, but people didn’t stick with this game for years thanks to what is mentioned in this article.