Ranking All Main Resident Evil Games: from a Jill Sandwich to Kumbaya and Beyond

Edgar writes: "Ever since I played Code: Veronica on the Dreamcast way back in 2000, I've been in love with the Resident Evil series."

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Juusterey439d ago

I'd put 6 a bit higher, 1 a bit lower
and add in Code Veronica

But otherwise pretty much agree

-Foxtrot439d ago

“In the end, it hardly felt like a true Resident Evil game, but for the first time in years, it was a brave step in the right direction“

Exactly. Couldn’t have put it better

That’s why I hope they continue with the RE2 remakes direction

It nailed everything

YodaCracker439d ago (Edited 439d ago )

Just swap 4 and 2 Remake and I’m happy. Maybe move 7 up a bit too.

Z501439d ago

Currently playing 7. Ugh, so much stealth/hiding Doesn't 'feel' like RE to me.

xxShadow-Shockxx437d ago

Thats because they tried to recreate PT and Outlast, RE7 was a disappointment