PC World Review: Mirror's Edge, "A Wild Streak of Brave New Gaming"

PC World writes:

"The big risk with Swedish developer Digital Illusion's wildly brave Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360, PS3) is that it'll be misunderstood. It's a platformer that flaunts its gleaming rooftop playgrounds entirely in first-person. It's a first-person shooter, but only because the bullet fired into soaring spaces is you. Streaks of dashing and leaping require precision body tactics, but from a body that's largely unseen. Color-splashed levels splay like architectural equations with precarious solutions but offer only fleeting directional cues. Guns can be karate-chopped from the arms of enemies, but those guns slow you down and cramp your technique. Combat is possible, but death comes swiftly, so it's better avoided. The entire experience is an accumulation of paradoxes, an amalgam of existing genres, but which plays like none of them."

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