Legend of Dragoon Remaster: Shuhei Knows of Demand for It, 'Hasn't Heard' of It Being In Production

Shuhei Yoshida, President of SIE WWS and former Executive Producer of The Legend of Dragoon, knows of the demand for a Remaster/Remake but is unaware of any such project being in development.

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no_more_heroes34d ago

I wanna see it get the Crash/Spyro trilogy treatment - Same exact game, but current gen graphics.

Nasdac33d ago

I would love to see the Final Fantasy VII Remake approach but I understand that this would need a possible collaboration with a major JRPG Company and more realistically with Square-Enix.

Medievil or Crash/Spyro Treatment would be fine as secondary option depending on the scale they want for the game but Legend of Dragoon deserves better than that.

phantomexe34d ago

So want it like every E3 I hope or I did until sony stop going this year. Maybe one day will hear something that stops shattering hope

indysurfn33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Somethings up. I mean the wording is totally none legally binding. Not as obvious as saying "no plan" but still somethings up. Plus he admitted he has heard of the demand (from Sony big wigs I bet).

Plus this would be the BIG E3 announcement for PS5! Nice way to boost sales before the holiday people will start saving those pennies.

Sony could show Square how to do it. While NOT pissing off 80% of fans. Square made the gameplay literally as different as possible.

AnnaDea33d ago

Of course not, he's not allowed to spill the beans until it's revealed. Many things points though that Bluepoint Games is remaking it with recent tweets that hints that and what they said after the Colossus remaster.

Relientk7733d ago

It's time for Legend of Dragoon to return.

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