Why You Should Pre-Order Link's Awakening Digitally

Nintendo has included enough incentives to make a digital purchase a no-brainer for most players over buying the physical version.

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DannyVIP33d ago

Why you should never read an article from Reasons for buying Link's Awakening digital because you get 3 dollars in Nintendo zingers and you can play it at midnight 😭

Aclancy8333d ago

I'm sorry but the 300 points and getting it early is nowhere near enough to make it worth canceling my preorder of the physical edition and go digital. Most of us that like physical copies of games do it so we actually feel like we own something that we can have forever. That 60 dollar rental will never be that enticing for us regardless of the little digital bonuses they tack on. Look, this is just my opinion. If you like buying all your games digitally that is great for you. I buy indie games digital all the time, and if a game is at a deep discount then I'll pick it up digitally as well. I love the fact that i can just start a game up with no disc/card, but the only thing that will get me to completely stop buying physical copies of games is when they stop making them. When that eventually happens i will no longer spend anywhere near as much money as i do on games and will most likely only pick games up on sale. Also i will never buy a remaster of a game at that point if i can buy the game physically on older hardware.

Tross33d ago

But if there's ever a game people want to own physically it's a remaster of a popular classic, and you'll have to offer the moon to get them to change their mind.

Kran33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I'd rather spend £40 on retail than £50 on digital thanks.

Like I see ads of Nintendo going "GET £5 WORTH OF POINTS IF YOU GET IT DIGITALLY"

I can literally save myself £10 of ACTUAL MONEY by going retail...

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The story is too old to be commented.