Borderlands 3's PC Version, An Epic Store Exclusive, Is A Massive Success Already

No Steam; no problem. Borderlands 3 has set a new franchise record for most number of people playing at the same time.

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TheRealTedCruz35d ago

So you're telling me that when you take the third entry in a large, loved franchise, and put it only in one spot, it sells well?
Color me astonished here.

Now throw it on all the stores and see what happens.
Once it comes to the other stores, EPIC will just turn around and use the, obviously, weaker numbers of those who didn't already cave and buy it as proof that their store is awesome. I say it time and again, use all this Fortnite money to fund AA and indie products to act as exclusives on your platform, and I'd actually have your respect … and you'd have my money. I don't support trying to strong arm an otherwise open ecosystem.

xRacer74x34d ago

I was forced to get it from EPIC as well. Forced as in I was not going to wait months to play it.

34d ago
Movefasta199334d ago

i'm a big borderlands fan, BUT that inevitable goty edition will come. To be honest this gen has changed me, I would have picked this up day 1 last gen.

34d ago
rainslacker34d ago can just accept that most people aren't embroiled in the EGS debate, don't care about it, and will just buy the game where its available. This isn't the first game in a series which has had it's best release to date, and that's a testement to the fact that PC gaming has been on the rise for years.

It probably would have probably been the best to date if it released on Steam as well, or even exclusively. Whether it's sales would have been so much higher to make up the difference in storefront cut is questionable, and chances are, more people would have brought it on Steam, which means that despite the high sales, the publisher would actually be making less money.

If you want the exclusives to stop, the get on Steams ass for taking a 30% cut. Even retail establishments don't get such a high mark up, and they have a significantly higher operating cost than Steam.

TheRealTedCruz34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

You reply to every one of my posts, and I'm tired of debunking the responses.
YOU don't care. YOU want to make it a non-issue. YOU want to be the a pseudo-intellectual contrarian in the mix; telling off all of the "needlessly" annoyed PC gamers in question.
PC gamers who like how PC gaming has been since PC gaming was PC gaming do.

rainslacker33d ago

You must be tired of debunking them, because you have failed to do so. Failing continuously does get tiresome, so I empathize with your plight. You have yet to offer a single shred of proof that what you posit is representative of the whole, or even the majority. Your evidence is anecdotal at best, and like I said in another comment, these forums, regardless of it being PC or console, aren't representative of the whole. It's hard to say if the discord over EGS is even representative of those that do care to comment on PC gaming on a regular basis, because for the most part, I still see plenty that just want to play the game.

SegaGamer35d ago

And I'm supposed to believe Randy Pitchford because.....?

If he could show me some proof, I might then believe him, but until then, I'm going to be very sceptical. It's Randy Pitchford, if he isn't straight up lying, he is usually twisting the truth to suit his agenda.

-Foxtrot34d ago

He'll say anything to make the move look good.

Ricegum34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It's not just this game. Are you going to be very skeptical about this too?

Magic_Spatula34d ago

Weren't the previous Metro games available on other store fronts besides Steam and wasn't Exodus exclusive to Epic Store for an entire year? Again, if a game is only available in one store then of course you're gonna see major sales on that one store.

Sgt_Slaughter34d ago

The third game in a growing franchise sold better than the first two? Color me shocked. The store that it was on has zero to do with sales, there's no possible way one can make the argument that EGS had anything to do with that.

SegaGamer34d ago

Metro's first two games were unknown games that flew under the radar when they were first released and grew in popularity due to word of mouth and constantly being on sale in a bundle. It helped grow the fanbase, so the third one was obviously going to sell so much better than the previous two no matter what platform it was sold on.

TheRealTedCruz34d ago

Yeah; let's just remove all of the other stores also selling at the time from that metric. Such a stellar argument had there.

Metro 2033 ended up a cult classic. Didn't sell amazingly, but enough to warrant a sequel. Last Light was more anticipated but, at the end of the day, was still just the follow up to a lesser known title, but brought it into popularity. Then you have the Exodus; highly anticipated, open world game getting a lot of coverage.
Amazing how that one managed to sell more on one store, than Steam sold the other, competing against many other stores.

Damn man, EPIC is just so great at getting games sold. They're literally the best.
Though you're seemingly the sort who wouldn't sense the sarcasm.

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Brave_Losers_Unite34d ago

I didn't buy it from Epic because Epic doesn't have achievements.

AspiringProGenji35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

My bro bought it on EGS and when called him out for Supporting this BS he said he didn’t care and liked EGS like F his brainwashed ass and Epic for this BS.

34d ago
Neonridr34d ago

not everyone has a grudge. It's just another digital store front. It's not like Steam has to be the only place to purchase games you know.

TheRealTedCruz34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I usually agree with the stuff you post. It's not a "not Steam" thing, for so many people. I use GoG, Gamersgate, Humble (though they do tend to use Steam keys), Greenman. I have Origin, Uplay, and a number of other publisher specific stores.

I would have no issue using EPIC's store, under normal circumstances; but they're trying to strong-arm themselves into the market. This is, and pretty much always has been, an open market. Now, in 2019, we just have to agree with … no, placate the one store that chooses to treat this open market as a closed one, as long as you have the money to do so? Steam certainly does but, outside of their own titles, let it be the open market it always has been. People blame Steam for holding a majority market, but that's not true. They just started early and have a good store. GoG has its share of the market via classic games they help run on old hardware and offer digital goodies pertaining to the titles. As well as being DRM free. Greenman often offers deeper discounts on new games vs the competitors, and lets you trade back a number of games for in-store credit. Gamersgate hosts thousands of unknown niche titles, and offers a currency system that rewards you for buying through them. Humble offers bundles at highly discounted prices, and even discounts if you're a monthly member. That's not to even touch the fact they also do so, while giving different cuts to different charities.

Then you have EPIC who, outside of having a store that offers virtually nothing to the user, their only claim in the market is "Well … we pay people to keep their content here, instead of elsewhere". Even going so far as to make crowdfunded titles that were sold as being on certain platforms/stores exclusive to theirs. You can say they give a bigger cut, but, notice how outside of a select couple of titles, nobody, aside the ones directly paid for exclusivity, use the store exclusively.

It's a renown company with a crappy store, with a crappy business practice but, hey, they have Fortnite money … so go to hell.

Neonridr33d ago

@TheRealTedCruz - I'm not saying I necessarily agree with their purchases, but nobody would say crap if it was announced it was a Steam exclusive. There-in lies the problem. I know you would "like" to be able to purchase it somewhere else, I would like the ability to play Borderlands 2 VR on my PC, but instead I have to buy it for my PSVR if I want to play it. Such is life, I'm not going to stomp my feet and cry about it. Just one of those things you have to deal with, unless you'd rather not play the game.

Ricegum34d ago

Haha. Do you even know what you're angry about?

DaMist34d ago

I didn't buy it yet, gonna wait for the GOTY edition, so I'm not defending either EGS or steam, but I think is ironic you mention him being brainwashed, when you're the one who kinda sounds like a drone lol, at least he just cares about the game he plays, regardless of which store front he gets it from.

SegaGamer34d ago

Your brother isn't brainwashed, he just doesn't care about this as much as you do.

rainslacker34d ago

Most PC gamers really don't care. Especially once you move out of the Steam forums. The mainstream probably doesn't even realize it's an ongoing debate.

Bladesfist34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

This is probably true, PC gaming has grown by 200 - 300% over the last 7 years or so according to steam stats, I doubt the influx in new people have the same ideas as the old PC gamers who have been here since the very beginning. Seemingly a lot of this growth came from China however and a lot of it seems to be centered on online multiplayer titles so I am not sure how much of this applies to games that aren't PUBG for example.

rainslacker33d ago

Even the old PC gamers aren't that embroiled in it I don't think. I know there is a number of devout Steam fan boys, because they won't bother to call out Steeam on what they should be criticized on, and I'm sure there are those that are upset with what's going on. But at the same time, I know that these forums aren't representative of the whole, and for the most part, these forums usually don't represent the mainstream. Plus, people have been using multiple launchers on PC for quite a while now. Exclusives on other sites haven't turned them away, and while the situation is different here, they aren't prevented from playing the game on PC. They're just prevented from buying on a store they prefer.

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xVOLTx34d ago

So many factors as why this is incorrect

NiteX34d ago

Could you imagine if this thing wasn't held hostage by epic? It would be far beyond just a massive success.

xVOLTx34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Yep. Exclusives like this don't belong in the PC market. This is manufactured bologna. It's worked fine the last 40 years and beyond.

Zenbaby36934d ago

I think we need a new "platform" to replace every aspect of steam aside from the storefront. An all inclusive app that does all of the achievements and social aspects. This way we can buy from wherever we want, and still only have to have one app open for all of those things. Like if discord made some vast improvements?

SickSinceSix34d ago


That's exactly what GOG Galaxy 2.0 is trying to do. It's in beta right now though.

Zombieburger63834d ago

I would own it right now if it was on steam.

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