Borderlands 3: what's up with console frame-rates?

How well does Borderlands 3 perform on the current generation consoles? Digital Foundry coverage of the new Gearbox hit will be somewhat staggered since 2K failed to provide review code, but we do now have some idea of what the developer targeted and delivered on the enhanced consoles - Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. The initial verdict? There are some puzzling technical decisions in place and clear performance issues that need work, but gameplay is golden.

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neutralgamer199235d ago

now a days best thing to do is wait atleast few months for major issues to be fixed and games go on sale so quickly now by waiting just few months can save someone $20 of the MSRP

Kaii35d ago

Biggest Problem? Going gold when you've got technical issues such as frame drops on consoles, these games are designed on consoles first, I'm not saying "Pro console/PC" I'm saying don't start to sell your shirt when you've yet to perfect the recipe.

Industry-standard for going gold SHOULD not mean "playable" - This Isn't to the extent of Fallout 76 baggage, by a long long long shot, but still not acceptable.

AK9135d ago

First DX12 and now this, I guess Borderlands 3 is GOTY material then.

Stanjara35d ago

It will be playable in 6 months, or on the next consoles. I'm skipping this one. Outer worlds has the similar vibe and better we shall see.