Final Fantasy VII: What An Increased Focus on Midgar Means For the Story

The footage for the Final Fantasy VII Remake is heavy on the Midgar section, suggesting at even more world-building and character development.

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CaptainOmega28d ago

It means paying $60 for 1/3 of FF7.

Snookies1228d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Here's a tip. Have a job. That's all. Gaming is an expensive hobby, plain and simple. I'm all for paying $180 across the span of a few years. So long as the product is high quality. What do you expect? It's (according to S-E) going to be a 40-60 hour section of the game. That's the amount of content you pay FULL price for. They are sinking huge amounts of time and resources into this. I'm all for supporting it in sections so that they can actually make the entire thing. Rather than have it in development limbo for 6+ years before it inevitably gets cancelled. This way, they can actually see that it's making money and justify pouring everything into the development for the next 2/3 parts.

CaptainOmega28d ago

I have a job. That’s a bad argument.

CaptainOmega28d ago

The amount of time a game takes to get through doesn’t equate to it being a full game. It having a beginning, middle, and end to the game as per the game writer makes it a full game. The reason why FF7 on PS1 was 3 discs was because it was just that big of a game. Imagine if they sold you disc one ending at midgar, disc 2 ending at Aerith’s Death, and then disc 3. That’s what you’re asking for.

Just be OK paying more than triple for a game that you should only pay $60 for.

Juusterey28d ago

He wants them to make a full game, 2 blueray disks
and pay 20$ for it

ZeekQuattro28d ago

They are going to milk the hell out of this game. Probably even more so than FF 15 if that's even possible.

pasta_spice28d ago

If each part feels like a fleshed out story, then I'll be happy. My problem with FF15 is that it still only feels like bits and pieces of a story that shouldn't have been broken up to begin with.