Video Games are Becoming Too Realistic

Video Games are Becoming Too Realistic - Video games are starting to blur the lines between fantasy and reality in a way that is detrimental to the medium.

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HeyHeyHeyGaming34d ago

Could not get through Red Dead 2 because of this.

Lennoxb6334d ago

Every game won't/can't be super wacky or exaggerated. These games always existed. Simulation in games can be satisfying as long as it adds to it instead of being a chore.

UltraNova34d ago

Thing is the most popular games tend to be more...gamey..for lack of a better term, like look at Fortinite, DoTa, LoL and Apex. Why is it bad that tiny portion of gaming is targeting realism? I'm glad we have our RDRs and whatnot, because we need diversity. Gaming is booming simply because it caters to everyone no matter how popular or niche some offerings are; that's the beauty of it.

Kornholic34d ago

Those games aren't popular because they are "gamey". They are popular because they are free. If Fortnite was a full-priced game, it would be nowhere near as popular as a "normal" full-priced game.

UltraNova34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

What about Minecraft then? Or GTA (all of them) ? What about Wii's 100million seller games? How about a look further back at WoW? You see the point here is that "gamey" looking/playing..ehm games tend to be more popular than more serious/realistic ones. Cost of entry be damned.

Juusterey34d ago

and rdr2 was the chore one

Kornholic34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

The games you originally listed were all free-to-play games. Minecraft is a success because it's not a repetitive game void of content.

UltraNova33d ago


Sorry i didn't list all them.../S

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Gaming4Life198134d ago

Same I like the game but it being to realistic killed the fun and made it boring as hell. I fall asleep everytime I play lol. Ive always said that games being too realistic will be a problem and we are seeing that happen now.

34d ago
RememberThe35733d ago

It's a problem for you. I loved RDR2 and I enjoyed most of the time I spent with it. From Horizon to Witcher to RDR, the realism never got in the way for me and only made the experience better IMO.

isarai34d ago

It certainly is taken a bit too far, especially because barely any of it's status affects are talked about it explained. That's why I'm still aggravated that games don't include manuals anymore where they could explain all these convoluted attributes. Even still RDR2 took things a tad bit too far, like I shouldn't need to re-equip my long guns every time I dismount my horse, and I shouldn't need to clean all my guns after every major fire fight or every 39mins of travel.

REDGUM34d ago

I never played RDR2 because it's not my type of game in the first place. Being an older (42yo) gamer now i need/prefer pace to my games to keep me hooked or involved.
Having just read your comment about cleaning guns etc I'm glad i stayed clear of it.
Same with the 1st one which i never completed. Where was the (press 1 button) menu, scroll to save, click and its done. Not have to build campfires 1st etc.
Keep the pace up and I'm in otherwise its a skip for me. Not because it's crap etc just because keeping my eyes open these days in games is a task of its own. Cyberpunk looks fantastic but will be skipping this too for the very same pacing reasons. If i wanted to read I'd grab a book if i want to game that's just what i want to do..... game.

nitus1033d ago

In real life, unless you do clean your weapons after a firefight and/or on a regular basis there is a possibility of the weapon not functioning properly which is rather embarrassing, not to mention potentially fatal. Of course, weapon maintenance is essential in reality but when you play a game, cleaning while supposedly immersive just becomes "busy work" which can be offputting.

-Foxtrot34d ago

Yeah there were some design choices in RDR2 that just left me puzzled, mostly because they did the same thing with GTA4 taking a more realistic, grounded approach and it's what people called them on.

Everytime I came across a problem I was just asking questions in my head constantly.

Why is it everytime I get on and off my horse my weapon loadouts are reset to nothing?

Why is it I have to walk in a camp at such a slow space?

Why did they have to have it so my guns got dirty so fast?

Juusterey34d ago

Why is searching a house so damn tedious and slow
Why does jumping over a 2 inch branch make me fly off my horse

telekineticmantis34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I see this is one website that hates Breath of the Wild.

I thought the realism in that game only made it better.

indysurfn34d ago

hmmm you got me there. It is WAY different is all I have to say. You was eating a apple for instance or cooking to gain something(health). Conversely you did not have to eat a apple to keep from losing health.

King_Noctis34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I’m still chugging through RDR2. The game become slow in the later acts. What keep me going is its incredible story though.

I do hope Rockstar would go the GTA San Andreas route for their next games. Fun over realistic.

indysurfn34d ago

Except for any HOT coffee scenes maybe? :)

REDGUM34d ago

Yeah, the story in Fortnite was brilliant hey!!

BenRC0134d ago

Agree. Work 40hrs, don't need more chores to do when I game.

william_cade34d ago

you can play the game without doing a single chore. I work too.

william_cade34d ago

I'm still playing RDR 2 because of this.

xxShadow-Shockxx33d ago

I personally couldnt get through RDR2 because i just thought it was plain boring, realistic or not.

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FlyingFoxy34d ago

San Andreas was more fun than 4 IMO, the more realistic nature kind of brought it back to GTA 3 which was a bit boring IMO. They take away both the humour and fun out of stuff.

More realistic physics and atmosphere, and gameplay mechanics etc doesn't always make a game more fun.

isarai34d ago

I really REALLY wish 4 and 5 had jumping/climbing mechanics as useful as GTA SA, and don't even get me started on the fist fighting in GTA V compared to previous games.

33d ago
porkChop34d ago

I think overall GTA V struck a better balance between realism and fun. The cars each had their own feel and weight, for example, without making it a chore to just take a corner.

AlexMuncatchy34d ago

The DRIVING in GTA IV was horrendous. Every car felt like a boat, and it was impossible to not hit something.

RosweeSon34d ago

Gta3 wasn’t boring it spawned the series as we know it today it was bettered by vice city sure but boring? Hell no. That game wasn’t boring when it launched and it isn’t now basic sure it was the first time they’ve gone 3d. I do however fully agree even if I didn’t like San Andreas much (due to the weight gain sim like rubbish and the vast amount of space but not an awful lot going on) however it was much better than 4 which while had a great story to actually play was rather monotonous wanna go bowling, no! Plus the handling was all stiff and nothing as fun as the earlier games or 5.

isarai34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

These games have always been around, but have been more in the niche PC space. It's just that now they are finding more of their audience as time goes on. But they will never be the norm, there still is and always will be simple arcadey games, it's not "detrimental" it's just more options

DaReapa34d ago

Personally, I've always preferred realistic/sim styled games as I've gotten older, but also acknowledged there is still a crop of action arcade style games out for the masses. If there's one thing that utterly disurbs me is when there's a campaign for the style of a particular game to cater to what it's not. If you don't like realistic/sim games, there are more than plenty of alternatives to choose from without games being a "detriment" to one's gaming experience. This reminds me of the campaign to bring easy modes to From Software games.

telekineticmantis34d ago

Looks like this website doesn't like Breath of the Wild.

telekineticmantis34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


I only speak English, we were talking about games being "too real", like Breath of the Wild's physics.
I.E. metal weapons being lightning rods, lighting sticks on fire to create air for floating etc.

nitus1033d ago

While I have not played Breath of the Wild since I don't have a WiiU or Switch. I have played and enjoyed other Zelda games so I don't have an issue with that style of game or its graphics. I have played and enjoyed Horizon Zero Dawn and all the Souls/Borne games as well as other RPGs such as The Witcher 3 and Deus Ex all of which tend to photorealism (sort off).

For some reason, I could not really get into Final Fantasy XV (still on my to-do list though) although I have played and enjoyed all the other FF games (exceptions 9, 11 and 14). Go figure.

rainslacker34d ago

"Video games are starting to blur the lines between fantasy and reality in a way that is detrimental to the medium." could just play any number of games which don't go for ultra realism. Most don't. Even games that are considered some of the best looking games this say Horizon:ZD, Forza games, Uncharted, or now Gears5, have an art style that may be photo-realistic to some degree, but also have enough "art" to them to not be what I'd call "realistic". High quality doesn't have to mean it looks like it was printed on film, and if you really look at images of those games, you can see the artistic work put into making them unique.

telekineticmantis34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Welp say goodbye to the future of Survival Games.