Death Stranding Didn’t Impress Me

Is it me or was the 49 minutes Death Stranding gameplay preview from TGS 2019 kind of... lame? Blasphemy! I know, but I just can’t help but feel underwhelmed.

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isarai33d ago

That's fine, it's certainly not for everyone. I for one am still super excited for it though I am skipping the "Briefing" and 49 minute gameplay trailers. I'm already sold and don't need to see anymore of this game to know I want it. Cheers guys, see you at release!

eddvdm32d ago

I'm primarily a PC games all my life post-13yo, had some consoles but never got into it. I've bought a PS3 at its time only for Quantic Games + RDR, now I'm seeing the same happening and one of the reasons is this game.

I'm just waiting to see what they'll bring as PS5 to see if it's worth the wait..

32d ago
eddvdm26d ago

Wow why all those disagrees? I'm legit curious, I've just stated that I want to wait to see if PS5 will have more value for someone that just want to enjoy X specific games... for primarily-console people of course PS4 is totally worth it.

bloop32d ago

I'm still very much on the fence. I love Kojima and the MGS series is without doubt in my all time top 5, but seeing the demonstration left me underwhelmed too. The game looks beautiful, the story very interesting and has all the crazy Kojima quirkiness that I love, but gameplay wise the open world looks like a whole lot of nothing going on. I'd usually be day one with anything Kojima, but I'm definitely waiting for previews/reviews on DS before buying.

TheDragonSlayer31d ago

Stop focusing on gameplay!! If you want gameplay play something else, when we get a Kojima game we want STORY.

bloop31d ago

Not for me dragonslayer. It was primarily the gameplay in MGS that made me the fan I am today.

343_Guilty_Spark32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Saving that crotch peek for your day 1 purchase 😏

32d ago
SwagginMcdoodles31d ago

TheDragonSlayer no. Especially when Metal Gear Solid had both great gameplay and story that have been refined as each title went on. If you want a story go play a Telltale game.

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zsquaresoff32d ago

Ya man, u don't like it don't buy it, I loved what I saw so I'll buy it. Fairly simple.

zodiac90932d ago

What really makes me laugh is that people actually "disagreed" to your comment LOL what a joke n4g is.

ChristopherJack32d ago

It's a bit of a paranoia filled shithole. Not 4chan level, but still pretty bad.

Nacho_Z32d ago

Apparently at least six people operate an if you don't like it buy it, if you like it don't buy it policy.

Lennoxb6332d ago

It seems to me more like one of those games you look at rather than play. I mean sure there's some gameplay. But its not really focused on that. The graphics are beautiful and I think they want to put that, and the acting in cut scenes center stage.

terrorofdeath32d ago

Almost like Firewatch but on a much bigger scale.

kreate32d ago

I feel like fallout 3, it's kind of a WTF game, but once u actually play it, it's a great game.

NarutoFox32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

There's a lot of games that didn't impress me :) a lot of them don't even have great story modes but most have good multiplayer modes