Gears 5’s Microtransactions Feel Egregious But Are They Part of a Bigger Plan?

The curious case of monetization and live service ambition in The Coalition's latest.

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naruga30d ago

i wish to be proven wrong but imo the true ending of Gears 5 (aka spoiler spoiler both protagonists saved ) is behind DLC

Spurg30d ago

As far as I know gears never had DLC that went beyond the story of the main game. Just expanded side stories which didn't make the cut.
And its ludacris to think both of them made it. One of them had to die and the one that is canon is Del's death. The reaction to it was much more impactful from the whole cast. And it goes really well with the Farz and Del moments.

CyberSentinel30d ago

I remember how much fun the last 2 generations were, when you bought a game and everything online was included in the game. I’m talking XboxOG and the beginning of 360 and PS3. I really used to love playing multiplayer online games. I gladly paid for Xbox Live because it was a “one and done” service. Today, I barely play multiplayer games.

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Imortus_san29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Gears 5 as no season pass, no paid expansions, so they will have to make there money somewhere else.

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