Killzone 2 Beta: Six HD Videos - Action, Destruction & Beauty

Six new HD/SD videos showing off the quality this game has to offer, we show you some general game-play along with destructible environment's and the amazing lighting.

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Fishy Fingers3630d ago

First good quality beta footage I've seen. Excellent post.

Ve3tro3630d ago

If the beta is still up in the next 3 weeks, I'll be posting 100's of 1080p direct feed shots.

Fishy Fingers3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Is that off screen or direct feed? Because it's slightly cropped isn't it?

Ve3tro3630d ago

It's direct feed, but compressed down slightly. Where I have access to these video's now there's only a 200k download net with 56k upload. So I had to compress them quite alot along with a little re-size.

By next Friday I'll have access to the 1080p cap card with 20mb net speed, I just hope the beta is still available by then.

Endorphin3630d ago

Great video best I've seen of multiplayer good job!

bleach9tail3630d ago

u took the word out my mouth, even the glitches look sexy.

Flipgeneral3630d ago

Props Ve3tro, that's some high quality stuff!
Can't wait to get my hands on this lovely gem

Fox013630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

... and from what I've heard (I wasn't able to get into the beta), the gameplay puts all other FPS to shame! God, I can't wait for this game!

Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, Alan Wake(?), Yakuza 3 and God Of War 3(?) are my most anticipated games for 2009.

Looks like the videos have been removed.

chaosatom3630d ago

am i the only one having trouble with seeing the videos.

jwatt3630d ago

Yea videos are done now.

joydestroy3630d ago

Ve3tro, put 'em back up man! we all wanna see them!!!

Winter47th3630d ago

Damn the vids are down, was anxious to see it, please Ve3tro post'em back again, and judging by the looks of things the Beta invites won't be sent anytime soon, it would be highly appreciated if you post some more, you'll have a rapid following especially since you're the only good source of HD Beta footage.

More power to you bud.

SonyOwnsNextYear3630d ago

NO ONE is ready.

next gen starts when?

killing_Art3630d ago

where are the vids?
we all want to see them, hurry up with the update please!!

chewy3173629d ago

lol? i wonder why you guys say this one is good... sure the resoulution is higher BUT... the guy has a freaking laggy connection... and he sadly offed the hud... which does not help at all.

PS: The video was removed but it is back now

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ultimolu3630d ago

It's THAT gorgeous guys. I love the theme music especially. Get's you pumped up to kick some serious ass. :D

bleach9tail3630d ago

gears what!, it is a very catching phrase .


cmrbe3630d ago

is good graphically but its still cartoony like Halo and R2 with its art direction. KZ2 is going for a more realistic cinematic feel of chaos in battlefield.

I think this will be the first game that will make you feel like you are playing realistic rendered CGI.

chaosatom3630d ago

poor PP.

Looks like he has to buy ps3 after all.

maruchan27six3630d ago

Everybody who loves shooting action games will get Killzone 2.Which excludes PP, he enjoys Banjo.

olivia3629d ago

want to sound so excited but doesn't look like your watching a movie rather than playing a's unreal piture how it will look on a tv much less a full hd one

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gauravraw3630d ago

Best Killzone 2 Beta videos ever posted imo!

Oh well, what shall I say about the game, this one is bound to go in the FPS' history books for sure. The wait will be worth it, finally. T3h Cell + Blu-Ray finally paid off.

Sony Rep3630d ago

PS3 purchase justified...