'Gears 5' Shows How HDR In Games Should Be Done

Forbes: “Gears 5’s Xbox graphics really are a marvel. For me, the all-round finest visuals the current console generation has produced. In fact, they’re so good that even if you skip or mess up the game’s excellently straightforward but helpful HDR calibration system, its graphics still look mighty fine.”

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Vasto35d ago

Gears 5 shows how everything in games should be done.

Kribwalker35d ago

it’s visuals truly are great on a good 4k tv with good quality HDR (at least that’s what i have so i’ve seen it there and can say it is) and i’m only on Act 1of the story. I’ve heard it gets unreal in act 2 and 3

lxeasy34d ago

You are in for a treat with Act 2 and 3! I think Act 3 is easily one of the most beautiful, jaw dropping levels in all of gaming if not the most beautiful. It's absolutely insane what The Coalition was able to pull off!

Unspoken34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

A technical masterpiece! I was very impressed by the techniques used to optimize Gears 4. This is next level!

Of course it's going to be from one of the best engine devs out.

LordoftheCritics34d ago

The HDR is really well done. HDR in most games look like high saturation and contrast. Gears actually does nail it.

badz14935d ago

the best game ever made and ever will be

Unspoken34d ago

Is there a troll in the house?

Triggered Sony fans in 3, 2, 1...

rainslacker35d ago

I hear its best played on Switch.

ps3vita4life35d ago

Tbf to xbox owners, water does taste so much better after being thirsty for such a long time

King_Noctis35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Yeah considering CD3 and FH4 were released about 5 years ago.

I notice a trend here. A positive Xbox article followed by Sony fans in the comments section. Rinse and repeat.

NarutoFox35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

LOL Forbes. Xbox fans that's contributors loves Forbes articles. That's why they keep posting them

King_Noctis34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


Do you even have anything to contribute at all? No, seriously. I see you on Gears 5’s article spouting nonsense almost everytime. I can’t wait to see you on Death Stranding’s article giving its praise to the moon after its release.

NarutoFox34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

'Do you even have anything to contribute at all?"

That's the same way I feel about you lol. Not just me though 😏

iplay1up234d ago

What are you talking about? We got Blair Witch the week Before Gears 5! Both released day one Game Pass. You are just a fan boy.

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Ciporta198035d ago

I'll start by saying I haven't played it yet but I can pretty much guarantee that it's not going to be better than gears of war 2 for me.

bluefox75534d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Lol, you're kidding right? It's not even the best game this year. But hey, it's Forbes.

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conanlifts34d ago

Amazing game, but I wouldn't go that far. One of the best franchises made overall for sure. But best game ever, not for me.

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ps3vita4life35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Calm down Forbes, your cheque from MS is showing lol.

mkis00735d ago

I was skeptical when people started to call out forbes for this, but now im o.O

DeeeezNuuuts35d ago

It does and the HDR looks amazing but I think the first game to show it off was gran turismo sport

Unspoken34d ago

It's the implementation of HDR used. It's a much more accurate algorithm than has been used before.

InUrFoxHole35d ago

Beat the game earlier today. Just beat wave 50 in horde

lxeasy34d ago

Congrats dude, I haven't beaten Horde yet

InUrFoxHole34d ago

I played on the easiest mode. I must confess lol

lxeasy34d ago

wow lmaol!!! thats not a challenge lol

InUrFoxHole33d ago

Depends on your group really. No it's not insane mode

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