Dead or Alive 6 Finally Reveals Momiji as DLC Character and Ninja Costumes

Today Koei Tecmo had another announcement in store for fans of Dead or Alive 6, in the form of the reveal of the next DLC character.

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HusbandAndWifeGaming34d ago

Think they will stick with these plastic doll character designs next gen? It's just weird at this point. Make them look human.

Flewid63834d ago

As a DOA fan, I couldn't agree with you more. Shit is getting tired.

autobotdan34d ago

Just end this game already and get back to Ninja Gaiden

NarutoFox34d ago

I would love a new ninja gaiden

34d ago
autobotdan34d ago

They are not doing both. They keep adding to DOA6 and they are not starting on a new NG

AK9134d ago

The guys who made Ninja Gaiden 3 are making Nioh 2, they've abandoned Ninja Gaiden to make the Nioh series.

AK9134d ago

Still waiting for them to bring back Sarah from VIrtua Fighter