Final Fantasy VII Remake Figures for Cloud, Aerith, and Sephiroth Revealed by Square Enix

At Tokyo Game Show 2019, Square Enix revealed a new series of scale figures dedicated to the Final Fantasy VII Remake for PlayStation 4.

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InKnight7s34d ago

Wow, finally full static figure instead of the creepy ugly joint thing.

At least two of those for me.

MeteorPanda34d ago

l fucking hated these figurines. l bought sephiroth years ago. tried putting his hand sockets in...woulding go in.

the socket fucked up so l took it back, told gamestop (eb games here in australia) that if they put the other hand on l'll accept the no refunds. they couldnt so l got a new figurine. Asked them to put the hand joint into the wrist socket...nope. fucked up. asked for my money back.

Fuck these figurines in tl;dr/

gamer780434d ago

As long as tifa is restricted im in ! /s