Gears 5's open world was not the innovation the series needed

Gears 5 introduces a pair of "open-world" environments, but the implementation feels like a half-hearted step sideways for the legendary series.

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shloobian35d ago

I really enjoyed the open world segments. They were well implemented and offered nice little side quests that allowed you to boost Jack's abilities. It was (along with the other improvements the game made) exactly what the series needed.

maybelovehate35d ago

Personally I thought it all fit really well. Didn't feel forced, just felt like a natural integration as it should.

SyntheticForm35d ago


I enjoyed the exploration bits and the skiff was fun to drive with tight controls. Thought it went well with the story; really liked Kait and Del's interactions as they ventured out together.

Now I'm on the skiff again with the full party and it's enjoyable to hear them reminiscing and joking.

iplay1up234d ago

Whatever, the games campaign is fantastic! The Graphics are absolutely in the top 10 this gen, especially if playing on 1X or high end PC!Multiplayer is also FANTASTIC!

Imortus_san34d ago

I'm glad they didn't breack the game by trying to make a true open world game, and why would Gears need to be a open world game?