Gears 5's abysmal Steam debut could indicate about the audience for Xbox exclusives on Steam

Gears 5 is the first Xbox exclusive to be released after this major shift, but it’s not looking great for its Steam debut. Despite landing on Steam’s top-sellers list, Gears 5 only managed a concurrent player count of 10,196 since its release.

The numbers have declined since then, as is standard, but 10,000 remains a very small figure considering the size of the franchise, and the reach of Steam. Before Gears 5, the assumption was that the Steam audience is hungry for these big Xbox exclusives. For reference, 10,000 is not enough to land in Steam’s top 25 most played games.

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TheOptimist36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It's not a great game. It's an average game with pretty graphics and the brand name of Microsoft pushing it over the many 8s, 9s and 10s it has gotten. Same is the case with most other exclusives from other companies.

Not to mention the technical issues.

Genuine-User35d ago

Disagree. It’s a pretty good game with excellent graphics and frame-rate.

Steam numbers are probably low due to discounted Game Pass subs.

NarutoFox35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I agree and not just Gears either I believe Forza is the same reason. I have gamepass on PC. Is it different than the Xbox version? Just curious

Brave_Losers_Unite35d ago

Is that why there are only 3.7k total viewers for Gears 5 on Twitch. Is that why it has a 7.1 user review score on metacritic? Is that why the user reviews on steam are mixed?

xTonyMontana35d ago

This not to mention Gears is very unique, there isn't anything to the best of my knowledge quite like it in the shooter genre. You're right about steam numbers too.. a lot of my friends used their free game pass month for it and myself and a few others paid for a month in order to give it a try.

abstractel35d ago

When you can play it on PC for $1 for a full month (or if you have game pass, just download it), why would you buy the Steam version? I wasn't interested in game pass before this, I'm likely going to cancel it after I played through the SP campaign of Gears 5.

NarutoFox35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

@Tony @abstractel

Same with my friends lol. I did it to try out Ori and that game is awesome. I actually think its Microsoft best exclusive

_SilverHawk_35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Gears 5 is way better than gears 4. If you're a gears of war player you know it's a game relegated to wall bouncing and shotguns. I'm a gears of war player who knows the learning curve is steep and people frown on people playing with Lancers or other ranged weapons. I think it's silly seeing majority of people using a shotgun to shoot at people that are 20metres or more away from them. If you've been playing gears 5 also you'll notice that people like to quit out before a match is over and games are often times unbalanced. Gears 5 is so much better than gears 4 but gears has been rubbish for a while and I think Microsoft waited too long put put proper effort into the quality of gears of war. The quality of the halo games just like the gears games have gone downhill but it seems like the next halo game might be getting a lot of effort put into it so hopefully it's very good like gears 5 or better. The last halo game was average at best

notachance35d ago

more like because it's the 5th game in the series and we want to play but don't understand what it's even about since there's no access to older games in the series

you 'muricans must realise that XB never had any marketshare worth jacksh*t outside NA/UK, which means the majority of Steam users never even had any nostalgia nor history with Gears (and Halo for that matters) series unlike you guys.
It's an alien title that suddenly appears with the number 5, it's little wonder it doesn't sell as much.

Godmars29034d ago


Dude, its a cover shooter. Was perhaps the arch-type for cover shooters, an exemplary pillar for multiplayer along with Halo and COD, but hardly "unique".

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conanlifts35d ago

I think it's an amazing game.

RacerX34d ago

Clearly, people don't like that you like the game...

CurbStompin35d ago

Games amazing, most players on game pass. Well if they aren’t retarded.

NarutoFox35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I already used up my free trial lol. I'm paying $4.99 Introductory price now which is still a good deal for game pass on PC.

Profchaos35d ago

I can't say I've encountered tech issues yet

rainslacker35d ago

I think it indicates that the PC gaming market isnt as invested in the series as xbox gamers are. This was the game they took off PC to push xbox sales back in the 360 days, so pc gamers really have no investment in the series. Or they're playing it on game pass, or the much less likely scenario that they brought it from the windows store

bluefox75535d ago

From what I've played, it's good, nothing amazing, but above average for sure.

gamer780435d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Uh no its statistically a great game and some pc players buy it on Microsoft store or with games pass, as well as steam which would decrease steam sales

XxExacutionerxX35d ago

Your a Sony fanboy that has never played Gears 5 or I bet you don’t even own an Xbox.

King_Noctis35d ago

“Not to mention the technical issues.”

The technical issue happened before launch and for early access owners. Obviously most of if (if not all) has already been fixed by now.

I guess you need to own the game to know that.

Emme35d ago

Yeah, because the MS brand helped Sea of Thieves, ReCore, State of Decay and Crackdown. Gears is fantastic, production values, missions, characters, story, handling. A bit shaky start, but its getting better.

Godmars29034d ago

Its a half decent game which the exclusive-starved Xbox fan camp have lavished mad praise upon. To question such is to invite their wrath.

BenRC0134d ago

Agree. Looks nice plays like a 10yr old game and has zero variety.

iplay1up234d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I had the game day one, and your dead WRONG! It is also one of the best looking games this gen! Absolutely in the top ten, actually top 5! It was also available for download day 1 Game Pass, along with Blair Witch the week before Gears Released! You are just a silly fanboy!

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Vits36d ago

I feel there is a lot to take into account with this release. First the obvious is that the game is also available on Game Pass PC, where I assume most people actually got theirs from (it's at least were I got mine from). Then there is also the fact that Gears 5 is a direct sequel of a game that is not avaiable on Steam and not only that but Gears 4 is a sequel to a game that is not avaiable at all on PC. So the interest in any game on the franchise would already be lower than what we would see on a Xbox console.

The best scenario to gauge the reception of those sort of games would be a complete new franchise that is starting both on console and on PC.

lovemetal62635d ago

100% agree, lets see how Halo MCC does though, since this is what i see as the more asked for Xbox exclusive game from PC users.

and its a plus that the PC base will literally be getting the ENTIRE franchise and they are even doing beta testing (flighting) on steam. I think 343 is going about it better than Coalition IMO.

CDbiggen35d ago

Nailed it. I'd be far more interested if I had actually played any of the others. Only the first has been remastered for PC.

Jon_Targaryen35d ago

Gears 4 isnt a direct sequel from Gears 3... Its like 20 or 25 years after the events of Gears 3...

Vits35d ago

As long as they don't make a game that happens between 3 and 4. That makes the last a direct sequel in my books.

But sure call it a sequel that uses previous established plot points, characters and world building if you prefer.

Reefskye36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I played it before release with Game Pass Ultimate on PC, cost me £2 for £2 months, I can imagine a lot of people most likely played it that way, as why pay full price for a game unless you really wanted to add it to your collection when you get the full game for 2 months for £2 and download it from the Microsoft store.

mcstorm35d ago

Your spot on. I don't see microsoft exclusives selling as many as in the past due to game pass but what I do see is microsoft making millions off gamepass. 1 million people sign up to it for £1 that £1 million a month. GP could be a smart move by microsoft in the long run.

rainslacker35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

It wouldn't always be one buck a month though, and even if it were 10 a month, considering all the cost to license other games, as well as any sale lost through people using it through game pass, its possible they're losing more overall from the deal.

But, when it comes to investors, a consistent reliable stream of revenue is typically better than a potential higher payout, or loss, every once in a while.

One million a month isnt really much at all in the grand scheme of things. Were talking a franchise or franchises that can pull in .5-1 billion in revenue through regular sales of the game, and more through MT.

On the consumer side of things, you dont have to worry how much profit MS is making, so long as they're meeting their goals to keep it running

SkippyPaccino35d ago

1 millions a month x 12 months = 12 millions for the year.... I suspect the budget for Gears 5 is hovering around the 90 millions. That's one game that's on Gamepass.

Microsoft won't admit it, but I truly believe that game pass is bleeding money and this gravy train won't last forever.

SegaGamer36d ago

There is little reason to get it on Steam right now when people can spend £2 and play it on game pass.

slavish036d ago

10000 on 1 platform that is selling it for 60.00 when its subscription everywhere is amazing. Plus there is crossplay. Spin it how u will but there are a ton of people playing