Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets Gorgeous Gameplay; Reveals Classic Mode, Aps Battle, & Ifrit in Action

Today, during a stage show at Tokyo Game Show 2019 hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Square Enix showcased plenty of new gameplay of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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Twinblade35d ago

I hate it. Wont be buying an half finished game that will come in parts and cost $60 each, with shitty action rpg combat. I'll stick with the classic.

35d ago
Twinblade35d ago

I think I will just be fine.

Tech535d ago

it gets 2 battle modes. it seems one that plays like FFXV and the other that plays like FFXIII.
if you watch closely to hand input. the AI takes over movement and the player gives commands.

so there you have it. what more could a FFVII fan want.

abstractel35d ago

Day 1 for me. People may hate me for this, but why are their texturing artists so bad? The textures look incredibly low-res and if you compare it to other open world games many of them win by far in this department.

Still, it's absolutely a day one for me.

TricksterArrow35d ago

@abstractel I think it's completely intentional. They are walking a fine line between realism and the actual game, which was anime-y/cantoony.

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CrimsonWing6935d ago

I think you’re looking at this the wrong way. You’re looking at it like a Telltale Games episodic release when this is more like something like Star Wars in that each movie is a continuation of a story but still feel like a full movie.

If they did it like you wanted we wouldn’t be playing this till the ass-end of the PS5 generation. If this ends up being a full-length game like they’re claiming I don’t understand what the complaint is that it’s episodic. This feels like we’re getting a bigger game, but to each their own. You’re allowed to not want to get it for stupid reasons.

harmny35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

the complaint is that we can play the original ffvii and its just one game but now we have to pay many times for the remake. at least telltale charges you once. knowing the internet gaming community whiny nature it sound like they should hate it. but they love it instead. funny. of course i love it too

InKnight7s34d ago

Add to that, this game is for fans and new players, no one will ever will play 40+ hours of RPG(or any other genre) so smoothly and still interested in at same pace(Dragon Quest and Persona 3 millions sales proved it). The episodic is faithful way to properly expand each part of the game and presenting new elements with keeping the lore and giving choices and delivering amazing graphics and aiming for good sales numbers. Pathetically, people paying Activision, XIII not necessary trilogy, terrible EA quality, and two version of the same never developed Pokemon, but whining about real and amazing quality RPG like VII remake and Cyperpunk 2077.

jaycptza34d ago

@harmny game development is expensive, so deal with it

HeisenbergX35d ago

Pfff hahaha .. oh god the nostalgia googles are strong on this one. xD

And this will be a full fledged game and seeing how insane this game looks it's more and more obvious why Square couldn't put everything on one disc or remake the whole game at once.

CrimsonWing6935d ago

That’s the thing. I used to be like that dude thinking Squate Enix wouldn’t be able to do the FF7 Remake Justice after FF13 and FF15 (even though I like FF15 it’s still far from being close to the earlier FF titles in terms of what made FF so wonderful).

Seeing this though has not only proved me wrong but it has exceeded all expectations and wants for the Remake. They went even further than what I thought would make this awesome. I mean just watching Ifrit fight along side you and then do Hell Fire as a finishing move, I just can’t fathom any FF7 fan not being impressed with this!

This is the first time in a long time where I am so happy with Square and I hope they’ll push things even further with FF16 and try to outdo what they’ve done here. I can’t even imagine what Jenova and Sephiroth battles will be like if they’ve made these small fry boss battles this epic looking!

I hope this sells incredibly well because what Square has done here is nothing short than amazing. I mean what current gen game looks like this!? I only wish this gen had more games on this level!

Teflon0235d ago

right!? would have to ship on 3 discs again at that rate lol

MAULxx35d ago

This first part is two blu ray discs full.

joab77735d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I hate that it’s broken up, but don’t really care if I get 30+ hrs of an amazing remake of one of the best rpg’s ever made.

We will know if it’s worth $60. We have to remember that re creating a game that was 100 hrs long in a modern engine is no easy feat. I’d rather they spend the time and get it right.

Teflon0235d ago

FFVII wasn't remotely close to 100 hours lol. Unless you were messing around heavy. But I do believe these FFVII remakes will amount to atleast 120 hours easily now since they're expanding on it and not just giving like a disc a game.

Kados35d ago

The first part is already going to be 2 full blu-ray disks. With all the content they are adding, the game cannot fit in a single release. What you are asking for would require one of 2 things-
1: The game takes another 3-4 years to release, launches on atleast 6 disks, and still costs $200 due to the number of disks, essentially no difference other than having to wait several more years before playing any of it.
2: 60-70% of the planned content for the game gets cut, and never released.

Which of those do you want?

Babadook735d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I agree with this completely. It comes down to the inflation of graphics and mechanics that we now expect for games. Development costs being 10x or 20x what they were in 1996, something would be lost otherwise, and I’m excited that they didn’t cut anything. Day 1 for me.

Twinblade34d ago

Would much rather want it all now instead of waiting 20 years to complete the full story.

Kados34d ago


That is not physically possible though, unless they go with option 2 and cut a large amount of planned content.

kayoss35d ago

Oh man, and here we all were hoping you would like it.

harmny35d ago

youre actually right. for some reason the internet is giving this game a pass when they are actually selling them a remake for at least $120. i don't mind but i'm pleasently surprised people arent bashing square.

Thundercat7735d ago

You don't even understand the nature of the game and that tells me you didn't even care to look for the details.

The game is going to be a huge success. Your toxic opinion will not stop that.

jbrock1135d ago

Obviously you didn't pay attention to the demonstration. You can literally play it just like the old game. The only real difference is there are no random encounters and the battle camera isn't a fixed view anymore....THAT'S IT. With the classic mode, all you're doing is controlling the menu like you were in the original. You only press one but to attack and you don't have to move the character. I don't see how "fans" are STILL complaining after they took the time to implement this.

Gaming4Life198135d ago

Thhe whole 60 for each part is major BS and will become a bad trend but this looks great and I must have it. Ive destroyed ff7 so many times so the original will always be a classic for me.

Chexs199035d ago

Exactly which part of the game will be half finished, if you can enlighten me?

jaycptza35d ago

No one cares go talk to the mirror

Larrysweet34d ago

U musta missed missed option do classic tb

33d ago
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AnnaDea35d ago

Can't wait!

This and Cyberpunk within months, oh god man <3

RedDevils35d ago

Wonder I should wait for this to go down in price or Cyberpunk, since I have no time to play them both at the same time. Probably I wait for this one to go down in price lol

HeisenbergX35d ago

It looks insane seriously this will be amazing and oh god the girls .. ahh <3

MAULxx35d ago

Looks awesome! One of the few upcoming games I'm interested in.

spambot081535d ago

awsome gameplay, might even be built with online coop in mind.

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