Beating a Game in One Night

Loot Ninja writes:

"I recently had a Gears of War 2 marathon and managed to finish the game in under ten hours on the day it launched. When I told some people they laughed and thought I was nuts, some were even upset saying that I had cheapened the experience of playing through the title. I do not think I cheapened the experience, I played through and listened to the story and looked for COGs and extras, but still managed to finish the game in coop with a friend in the first day."

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VampHuntD3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

If so I wish I had your job that would enable me to do such things with the many games I want to play currently....

Wait, you DO have a job right? And also, quit stating that you didn't "cheapen the experience" like a parrot.

taz80803631d ago

LOL, it was launched on a Friday which meant you could play all night until Saturday morning, didnt interfere with work one bit. SLeep yes, work no.

VampHuntD3631d ago

I still wish I had that kind of time :)

taz80803631d ago

It was a rare occasion, typically that kind of time is not a luxury unfortunately.

Voozi3631d ago

Took us 7 hours - 50 min lol on normal, still need to go back and get it done on Insane ;D

The Matrix3631d ago

I'm a PS3 owner and lover. The other night I played the first Gears with my xbox loving friend. We finished it in one night. And I have to say that no game sucked me in like Gears of War. It was the most refreshing game I've played since I played my first PS2 game.

Rofflecopter3631d ago

played it. loved it. only problems: alone, my roommate beat it in 6 and a half hours, so its still short. and you are never really fighting a ton of people like cliffy said i would be. also, the floor textures tend to be bland and the framerate sometimes stutters. However, the story is freaking amazing this time around and the gameplay is incredible. i loved this game! definitely managed to suck me in.

Tomdc3631d ago

am i the only one who thinks its sad to play a game for 10 hours straight!?

check my disagrees and agrees for the answer i guess...

Monchichi0253631d ago

I actually don't mind games being 10 hours...I actually kinda like it. LOL

Okay, let me first mention that I'm a casual gamer. I don't have all the time in the world to focus on games like I usto. So games like Gears, Halo, Mass Efect, etc... are perfect for me cuz I can actually have expectations of beating it.
Unlike a game like Fallout 3 which however great people will tell me it is, I won't buy it cuz I'll never be able to finish it! i mean by the time I'm fully into it, another Great game will be out!!! Anyways, that's my 2 cents as a casual!!


Lifendz3631d ago

the Gears 2 campaign was long. Much longer than the last game.

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taz80803631d ago

Playing a game straight thru is fine and does not alter the experience at all.

greyishfox3631d ago

I beat the first GoW in my first sitting. I found it a bit disappointing to be honest, I expected more out of the gaming experience and was a bit let down. I end up chalking that game up to a rental, not a purchase.

FantasyStar3631d ago

Are you talking about Gears? or God of War? Seriously, I'm a bit confused.

Cocksmokingclerk3631d ago

Playing a game straight is good it keeps you entertained and keeps the story alive not forgetting parts.

taz80803631d ago

This is true, the story was kind of like watching a long movie to a certain extent in one sitting. Although the plot in Gears is a bit odd at times.

greyishfox3631d ago

It's one thing spending a lot of time playing the game and going thru the story, its another to be able to finish it in one reasonable sitting. (12 hours max?)

taz80803631d ago

I wonder how much longer reviews will keep a blind eye to length of games, I wouldnt be surprised to see games start taking a hit in score pretty soon.

VampHuntD3631d ago

It's already happened to tons of games, although from my notice mostly PS3 games. Take Heavenly Sword for an example. Great game, lost points in reviews for being short. Reviews take into account multiplayer too which means short games are ok if they have it. Which I think is crap cause a lot of people don't play online.

PirateThom3631d ago

I'm yet to touch Gears of War 2 online (and probabaly won't since I hated the online in the first game) and I've already finished the campaign and, as much as I enjoyed it, I can't help but feel that there should be more, but I really feel no incentive to go back and play more.

That's a problem for me. Some games, I will play multiple times, but some just have no draw for multiple plays.

fiercescuba3631d ago

Its faster than slaying boars in the forest for 2exp I suppose.

taz80803631d ago

THis is true, I could have spent 10 hours playing WoW and gained maybe 1 level.

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