20 Things Sega Has Done Since Dreamcast

It's been 20 years since the Sega Dreamcast came out. What has Sega done since then? Let's check it out.

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awdevoftw35d ago

Valkyrie chronicles, created great games in partnership with platinum, opened itself up to PC platform, acquired atlus, brought back the genesis with the mini, let shenmue and bayonetta continue on, has projects in different media, and is continuing to improve the brand. It's been a long road, but I enjoy where Sega is heading.

ILostMyMind35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Don't make fun of Sega's crazy things because there are so many crazy people around the world and they buy these games, keeping the gaming market healthy.

yellowgerbil35d ago

wish they'd try another go at a system. make a 150 dollar system that can basically make games that are low poly dreamcast era graphics but with better frame rates and 4k. Seems like games could be made on tiny budgets if they just stopped caring about photo realism. Give me some fun cel shaded rollerblading action with a camera and control scheme that isn't 20 years old and I'd be in heaven.
Also they need to bring back the arcade side of Sega. I fell in love with Streets of Rage, Jet Grind Radio, and crazy taxi. That is the Sega I want to come back. They should make a skateboarding game to fill that niche. Sega doing a tony hawk style game would be amazing.

phoenixwing35d ago

I appreciate segas offerings. Own every yakuza game that they ported. Still waiting on inshin though :/ which i would have been all over.