AMD's Fidelity FX has a Huge Impact on Borderlands 3's Visuals

Radeon's Open-Source Image Sharpener cranks Borderlands detail levels up a notch.

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Profchaos36d ago

I've looked at the comparison provided but I don't see the improvement

DaDrunkenJester36d ago

All it does is make things look a bit sharper. You can tell in the details of the plant in the first picture if you use the slider image.

Lon3wolf36d ago

Does sharpen the image a fair bit, more noticeable in pics 2 and 3 to my eyes.

ButtAnihilator36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Radeon image sharpening is great, but I really wish amd had a physics solution (other than tressfx). Since the game is sponsored by amd it's probably never gonna get physx support. :C

rockwhynot36d ago

Nvidia kindly made physx 2.0 open source a while ago.

Lon3wolf36d ago

Most PhysX/physics is software driven nowadays, a very few titles have an advanced physics option to use the hardware.

NiteX36d ago

Sooo it's basically reshade.

traumadisaster36d ago

Cranks lies up a notch, What a joke.