Is Professional Gaming a Sport?

Gotgame writes:

"We're only two weeks away from the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit National Championship in Las Vegas, NV.

The winner is looking at six figures in prize money and the best attainable bragging rights.

There's money, fame, national titles and groupies. Sounds like what we'd expect from professional sports. But the explosion of attention on professional gaming revives the debate- will it ever be a sport?"

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PirateThom3627d ago

Good God, this again?!


It's not a sport. It's not in anyway a sport, just like darts isn't a sport.

PS360WII3627d ago

Hey if they get paid and get sponsors then why not. They are making everything else a sport why not video games.

GiantEnemyCrab3627d ago

No! I don't call poker players or chess players athletes and I don't call what they do a sport. Ugh, how many times does this question get asked? Anyway, I am into gaming to play games, not watch some pimply faced tween play them for me but props to those who enjoy that.

Rockstar3627d ago

If speed walking and hunting can be sports,

This can definitely be a sport.

BlackTar1873627d ago

MLG is more like a amateur league to me. i dont think you can claim to be the final word/ have the best and only pull feom a small pool. Although I agree it should stay i think all consoles should be included otherwise your not major of anything. In MLB,NFL,NBA etc. there is no school's that are excluded just obv. very few picked. I dont see how it can claim to be a sport and exclude so many.

I dont see how you can claim to be the ocean but only cover the area of a small lake.

They pull from 2 pools out of 4 so i think its BS

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