OXM UK: Gears 2 Multiplayer Needs Fixing

You probably know that Gears of War 2 was released last Friday. It's kind of a big deal.

You've probably played enough over the weekend to have formed your first solid opinions on what you think of the game thus far. Certainly, it seems the internet has spoken.

The campaign mode is loved by all, who have said it is truly brilliant. It's the multiplayer side of the package that's left some players disappointed. What are they moaning about? What's gone wrong? Why have Epic's forums been descended upon by hordes of foul-mouthed kids who just can't believe some of the changes?

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Pennywise3656d ago

Players have been reporting anything from 10 minutes to an hour waiting for their party to connect to a game, with some also reporting random disconnects.

It's likely to be the type of complaint that settles down with time, as the servers are presumably creaking under the stress of the new players rushing to the multiplayer modes. Even so, it's a complaint that needs addressing.
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See this is why Sony needs to start making users pay for their network. They can not be releasing high profile games like this with online problems. This is why SONY GAMES get marked down in initial reviews. If you look at the other side, Microsoft charges and never has ANY problems with Live. The service is flawless and when games like Gears of Wa--- WAIT THIS IS A GEARS ARTICLE?????????? HAHAHAHAHAHA


ultimolu3656d ago

And they have the nerve to attack Sony for online services. -__-

BlackTar1873656d ago

calling the double standard i see every day.

ohh it shaving problems ohh huge ones that make it unplayable unless you want to wait for it no thats not bad 10 10 10

Crap. games is cool I give it a 9.0-9.5 based on code. ANd i give the MP a break due to demand and thats how videogames have and always will work. But on this and someothers they get that prilage and some dont. sad word. that people dont even see the contradiction in front of there own eyes and they are not even mroe then 30days old.


have fun though games fun. Just admit the truth and life will be okay it wont end I promise

lukewind3656d ago

The Gears servers work just fine. If the servers were really having that many issues there would be way more complaints then this. I have been playing for quite a long time since launch and so far there has been little trouble. There was a wait for some games during the first few days but any game as popular will have this. None of these so called reports are coming in as of now.

The problem is that out of 2+ million people who bought the game there is 2% who have crappy connections or have their ports closed off.

All the crap about the weapons is coming from the cry babies who can't use host advantage with the shotgun anymore. I commend Epic for what they did with the shotgun. It now takes a bit of skill to bring someone down with it.

The smoke grenade thing is annoying, but in the end its just another strategy point you have to work around when playing.

Why o why3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

guess they're all lying or something. This may be isolated to the UK or Europe because i have heard of these problems from some of my mates. It will be fixed, no doubt but at the moment for some gears 2 is broken

edit Crazywhitie

yeah, like you's lot were speaking out about those red lights

3656d ago
Crazywhitie3656d ago

There's a big difference when a Server crash on LBP 200k sold... too Gears 2 (2.1 million) first day... Also you see how fast the story comes out with an xbox game,,, We Speak up .. don't just sit back and say oh they'll fix when in aweek or two

Bnet3433656d ago

I love Gears 2 but In admit online it's a bit buggy. Nothing a patch can't fix. I'm still enjoying Horde mode. Phucking awesome.

mirroredderorrim3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Edit: wrong spot.

chaosatom3656d ago

I was like wait a second, what's he talking about and then I it made sense.

sumguy813656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

another article completely unrelated to PS3 filled with PS3 fanboys accusing others of being trolls... this hypocrisy is getting old, fanboys.

back on topic. the shotgun isn't too weak. it's too inaccurate. it's a useless weapon now because it's basically a dice roll if you will hit a guy from the hip.

and another issue not addressed. the grenades SHOULD NOT be proximity mines when you place them on a wall. it should just increase the length of time before explosion. or they can be proximity mines, but they will still blow up after 3-5 seconds. this business of grabbing up the nades and just placing them randomly requires no skill or strategy and makes for a very annoying experience.

and the last thing that has to GO...the mortar. leave it in campaign, but it's just another weapon for some guy with no skill to hide in the back corner while everyone else actually fights so he can rack up cheap kills. gears is supposed to be an in-your-face match, not some pansy long distance snipe fight. people who use mortars now, are the same skill-free players who constantly active sniped in the first one. why even play games if you need to exploit to pretend you are of any quality?

the leap from gears 1 to 2 reminds me a lot of the leap from halo 1 and halo 2. sure issues were polished, and new weapons are introduced, and tweaking has been done. but it is alienating the hardcore who want to play for a test of skill. they noobified the game in an attempt to make it more accessible to the mainstream so they can increase sales. everyone complained that the lancer was the noob weapon in the first gears, so they made it the focus weapon in the new game. that is obviously so noobs will enjoy themselves getting cheap kills in multiplayer. now, not only does the lancer mess you up, it also slows an advancing player allowing more time for you to pump extra lancer ammo into your attacker...meanwhile they nerfed the shotgun... that doesn't really make sense if they did it for any other reason than to help lancerers feel less skill-less.

Tarasque3656d ago

While i have yet to have any major problems with Gears 2 on live, The game is not rendered useless with online play like most game's of late. Bad thing is i don't have to mention any names we know what games those are.

Bodhi3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

The only problem I find with the game is the long matchmaking times and it's nowhere near an hour... AN HOUR? Come on now, that's ridiculous, I can go watch a short movie and come back and it'll still be matchmaking? At most my matchmaking takes around 7 minutes, 12 minutes maybe.

I don't see how anyone can possibly wait 1 hour for matchmaking. It probably means you're connecting to people from Mars with AOL connection or something because there's no way it could take that long to matchmake, even then, you'd most likely quit the matchmaking and retry the matchmaking until you get into a match.

The problem only exists while in a party, you can easily join a random game by yourself.

I haven't had any gun balance or other issues, I found work arounds from mortar whores.

kwicksandz3656d ago

Check these links to two australian gaming forums

I guarantee you that there will be at least 3 threads on both from people who cant find a decent game in gears 2 because the matchmaking keeps matching them to overseas players.

COd4 was ruined by this yet COD5 and halo 3 have a way to specify only to be only matched to players in your region. Why oh why did none of the reviews mention this??? because they are all written by americans whom this issue doesnt effect.


outlawlife3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

the thing with the socom problems is the game relies on online play, you do not need multiplayer to play gears

the issues in socom in fact crippled the game, where as gears has slight issues with matchmaking, and a bunch of people whining about weapon balance

gears 2 matchmaking works very well if you have a party and you don't have a router that hates xbox live

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fafoon3656d ago

They are not Gonna complain about
Shotguns not as powerfull
Chainsaws to powerfull
Grenade's are to powerfull
Why bother Entering a multiplayer match

Pennywise3656d ago

That stuff is a balancing issue most shooters have to deal with. Online games in general have to deal with it too. It just gets old having to hear about PSN sucks because of it. PSN is free and fine.

3656d ago
BanjoKazooieFTW3656d ago

Who's complaining about that stuff? Obviously people who have never played Gears of War 1 because the chainsaw is a one-hit-kill, the shotgun is about as accurate as a drunk monkey, and grenades blow people to bits.
And its all awesome :P
Chainsawing = Gore galore
Shotgunning = Takes pure skill and timing. Popping out of cover along with a shotgun blast is one of the most satisfying things in the game, especially if your enemie's body parts come out with it.
Grenades = Proximity Mines are so awesome! Kinda like claymores for snipers and they are perfect for Annex. One of the best additions to the game IMO.

Look, I just think that people who dont have the game shouldnt be complaining. Just look to the Open Zone for my evidence...

YonasJonas3656d ago

The party system needs to go.

lukewind3656d ago

Wrong WRONG sir are wrong beyond belief!

YonasJonas3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

What was wrong with the old system? This system means you don't get to choose things like amount of games, you constantly replay the same exact levels over and over, and on-top of that you can't opt to stay in a room or even leave a room anymore. They should at least let everyone vote at the end for a rematch.

Why o why3656d ago

.the old sytem was better. im sure they'll fix it and this may be epics problem not xbl's

gololo3656d ago

yeah...bring the old system back, where we can choose rounds, duration, maps!!

funkysolo3656d ago

Now I know your are a blinded fanboy,,,,You're telling me you like to wait 5-10 minutes searching for game, and then if someone quits noone else can join, so one team has 5 players while the other team has 2 players yeah that makes sense. Also it's anoying to have to start a new search after every game, I feel like I'm searching for a game more than I play in one..I'm sorry I like gears as much as the next guy but the online is a garbage as it is, just wait a couple more weeks and you will start to see less and less people playing it..

Horny3656d ago

i agree, i hate the party system, I didnt even play a online match yet because it takes forever to connect to a party.

gololo3655d ago

yesterday....i only played campaign...i hope epic gets rid of the matchmaking, if not, please allow people to stay after a match is over...what if you like the people you were playing with? comeeeee ooonnnn epic, GeoW2 is great, make it greater by listening to ur fans!!!

Daishi3655d ago

I need to try matchmaking and see what happens, but I can't pull myself away from horde. We (my team) have finally made it to wave 50 on hardcore but seem to all get killed by bloodmonts... I'm in the US but all of my local friends who have tried matchmaking haven't said anything bad about it. Unfortunately this may have been caused by a world wide release, which I love cause I can play with my international friends on launch but sometimes this happens.

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running rampid3656d ago

matchmaking will be fixed with time i hope, but as for the shotgun arguement, i prefer it just the way it is. no roll with shotgun kill anymore, stopping power really helps. apart from the time taken in matchmaking, i don't think much else needs changing.

Spike473656d ago

just like LBP when it was released.

Not major problem, but certainly something to look at.

shelbygt333655d ago

It does seem to take a little too long to get into a game, but for some reason I have no issues getting into a Horde match. And I love the Horde gameplay - just so f'n fun.

Like last night, my entire team was down and I couldn't get to them because I was surrounded by 3 grinders (!). luckily for me, I had one of their powerful machineguns and managed to mow them down. It was exhilerating!!!