A Call to Action: Economic Collector's Edition

"Ah, can you smell it? The aroma of fresh, hard-earned cash being spent faster than you can pre-order a copy of Fallout 3: Exclusive Survival Edition. Yes, the season of game debauchery is afoot. As the rest of the world mourns the loss of trillions of dollars through 401Ks decreasing, shortsellers getting naked and CEOs partying, gamers will unite to bring this economy back one special, super-limited collector's edition at a time.

Everyone is familiar with the seasonal onslaught of releases that comes each fall and lasts through the holidays. Equally familiar are the other three quarters of the year that slip by with nothing more than a trickle of new games. Yes, Grand Theft Auto IV hit in the spring, and the latest iterations of Metal Gear and Madden made a splash this summer. But that's it folks. Just like the summer movie season where countless mega-budget titles fill the big screen, the video game industry holds all its cards until each fall and commences an assault for the small screen."


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cain1413632d ago

it's amazing how they can get us to pay an extra ten $ for a fancy looking case...

ihaten4glol3632d ago

I stay away from LE games unless it has something that I REALLY want such as a t-shirt, soundtrack, or something I can actually see myself using.

gidzilla3632d ago

ha ha I thought about the Fallout 3 collectors edition, than I saw the standard version for £13 cheaper. easy decision. Still I think I pump enough money into the games industry already.

SlamVanderhuge3632d ago

...until games like Turning Point started churning out Special Editions. Now, I only go Limited when it counts.

italianbreadman3631d ago

I have never bought a CE, LE, SE, etc.....ever