Ranking the Xenoblade Chronicles Games

Ranking the Xenoblade Chronicles Games - The Xeno brand is stronger than ever, but what is the best Xeno game of all-time?

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DrewMetals36d ago

I love xenoblade as much as the next RPG fan, but do you really need a whole article to rank three games?

deafdani36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

You could argue 4, if you count Torna as a separate game (which this article didn't do).

ndonnine36d ago

I clicked that link and wish I had read your comment first lol

TheGamez10036d ago (Edited 36d ago )

X2 was just not good the second half and the plot was odd with it all having to heavily rely on the past. Also wish Rex was older cuz it was just really weird of him being a kid lol. X1 though, what a great game. XX needs a port.

Sully524635d ago

Just because Xenoblade 2 is the most popular does not mean its the best. I believe xeno 2 is an amazing game, but its not xeno 1 levels of amazing

Sully524635d ago

The way that Xeno 2 connected to xeno 1 was genius, and xeno 2 had great character development. But thats all i can say about the game thats better than xeno 1

Zeldafan6435d ago (Edited 35d ago )

2's combat system is better than 1s.

pietro121235d ago

1, X, Torna and 2 based off the gameplay