Techgage: Intel Core i7 Performance Preview


"All of that aside though, Intel has once again further secured their spot as the CPU leader with the Core i7. With each new processor launch, we expect to see performance increases, but with i7, some of the increases are mind-blowing. For those who use 3D design tools or video-creation tools on a regular basis, Core i7 was built for you, as the performance seen there definitely blew away the predecessor.

Stay tuned to the site as we'll be bringing you a lot more on Core i7 in the coming weeks. As always, if you have anything to say, or specific requests of things to test out, feel free to post in our thread linked to below and toss your words onto our virtual paper. As a reminder, today is not the official launch date for the new processors, but I'd expect it to happen within the next three weeks."

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