Monster Hunter: World Iceborne's Rajang Is Absolutely Brutal; Watch It in Gameplay Action

Rajang will be implemented in Monster Hunter: World Iceborne on October 10. Yet, not everyone has to wait that long to get toe-to-horn with this brute.Here's a look at its gameplay from the Tokyo Game Show floor.

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execution1735d ago

I've only ever heard legends if this monster from broken hunters

BrainSyphoned35d ago

They spoiled almost everything in Icebourne to reassure people that it’s worth it, why stop now?

thatguyhayat35d ago

This is a free DLC but i know what you mean. Early buyers ruined it posting everything on YouTube cause of its algorithm

Brazz35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Guy needs lessons playing charge blade. As a charge blade main, it pains me to watch this... he misses way too much.

Abriael35d ago

There's always one who thinks he's so much better.

Brazz34d ago

damn! Abriael, is that you playing? Sorry man, din't want to downplay you, my bad.

Abriael34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

@brazz: it's fine, I'm no genius, but remember that pretty much everyone playing at this kind of events is likely on very limited sleep, tired as hell, likely not even sitting or comfortable, with no audio (having the headset plugged in often interferes with the capture device), and with the controller on a (short) leash :D