GameZone: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Review

The first Madagascar movie has scored plenty of viewing time in my house for the last several years. The movie wasn't a classic but still provided plenty of laughs for the entire family. Now the sequel is finally upon us, which means we get the obligatory video game. What we get is a game that should keep gamers with a short attention span playing due to the variety of the gameplay.

The game picks up where the first movie ended up with Alex and his crew trying to get off of the island. Of course, since this is a game, Madagascar 2 starts you off by having to play through a few different mini-games before you finally make it to the airplane. But the mini-games don't end after getting off of the island. Nope, almost the entire game could be described as a huge collection of mini-games. A fast-paced, at times relentless, number of mini-games.

Gameplay 7.7
Graphics 7.5
Sound 8
Difficulty Easy
Concept 7.7
Multiplayer 7
Overall 7.6

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Gambit073681d ago

1st Kung fu Panda gets decent scores and now this...

Asurastrike3681d ago

7.6 is high for a liscenced game. Maybe we can expect some great ones in the next 10 years. :P