PS4 System Update 7.00 Beta 5.00 Now Available

From PSU: "Sony Interactive Entertainment has rolled out the PS4 system update 7.00 beta 5.00 for those who have signed up for the teaser. The download is now available at 469.7MB, with the full release of PS4 system update 7.00 arriving in two weeks’ time."

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Save you guys a click...

The main features of the beta for the latest PS4 system update are the ability to host a party for up to 16 players, HDR calibration, as well as the PS4 being able to install system software without having to restart. As such, the patch is going to be the next major update for Sony’s current-generation console.

UltraNova10d ago

Darn it, I came here for stability reasons...

phoenixwing10d ago

as much as i would like to have hdr calibration i don't think i'm going to risk being in a beta with my hardware

Silly gameAr11d ago

It's been available. I'd had the beta for at least a month. What is going on?

rob-GP10d ago

They keep updating the beta every few weeks based on issues they find and feedback from users. As it’s a big change in the background, they are slightly altering things so it don’t cause it to be too unstable for everyone.

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The story is too old to be commented.