Anthem Update 1.4.1 Patch Notes Explored In-Depth

The latest update to Anthem has some interesting patch notes that I think are worth exploring, as they may allude to larger changes.

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I honestly don’t think anything can save this game. Maybe going free to play will help. They let it linger to long without any substantial updates or content. Shame because the foundation of the game is great. Flying feels better than any other game of this kind and the graphics are excellent.

Maywell37d ago

I can honestly said that you are too naive to think like that. I played the game again since Cataclysm update 1 month ago. Now I have 250 hours since then, and I played with friends who have been playing for 600-1500 hours since the game released. No sign of dying cause everyone said that Anthem is getting much better after update 1.3.

sprinterboy37d ago

Well personally for me it was a disappointing experience. I tried the 10 hour free trial on EA Access and it only ever matchmaked me twice in the whole 10hrs (max 2 players, never got to play with 4) the other times it would sit there please wait matchmaking to finally put me in game on my lonesome.
So clearly not many gamers are playing the free trial on EA Access?
The games repetitive as hell but the weapon mechanics were solid.


You came to the conclusion that I am “to naive” all by yourself huh... what a ridiculous and unwarranted thing to say. Cataclysm May have brought some new content in but there’s no arguing that it came far to late. And what about all the roadmap content that NEVER came and without any reason given? No my friend it is YOU that’s being naive. You’re friend playing for that amount of hours only tells us that you and your crew are easily entertained.

I’ve had the game since launch as well and I can tell you that prior to cataclysm there was NO content worth keep ANYONE busy for 1500 hours. What exactly were you guys doing? What gear did y’all earn? And what did y’all use said gear on? I defended Anthem but at this point no one can say they have gotten their money’s worth out of that game and be honest about it. Cataclysm was cool but no nowhere near enough content to make players comeback.

MWH37d ago

Anthem and Depth, two words that don't coincide.

Daeloki37d ago

As much as I enjoyed the gameplay (flying and combat), visuals, and the overall concept and what it was supposed to be... I can't in good conscience in any way try to defend Anthem. The way the game is now, it should have been F2P. IF it was significantly easier to gain armor sets and customization materials, I could see it as a 30€ at launch game. For the 60€ I spent however, I would have wanted a story worthy of what Bioware used to be known for, challenging and varying missions and overall smoother experience (menus, loading screens, interface)