Apparently Side Quests Play Such An Important Role In Cyberpunk 2077 It Can Alter Campaigns

Every side quest is worth being played. Don't expect the standard fetch quests.

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Jimboms11d ago

Not sure this is that new in games. I'm pretty certain that in Dragon Age 2 I made a campaign altering decision in a side quest.

TheOptimist11d ago

It's not new in games; it is however extremely rare in games.

SyntheticForm11d ago

That's a good thing and it means they're more than side quests. When side quests alter the main campaign are they really just side quests?

They're not mandatory yet they alter the campaign. They're important. Good news for this game.

bluefox75511d ago

The Witcher 3's side quests were better than most of the main quests in other games.

Enate11d ago

Wticher 3 did this in spades so that is no surprise.

TheOptimist10d ago

Not really. I love the Witcher 3 and a lot of the side quests were really good, I remember a lot of them. But none of the side quests really affected the game's main narrative all that much. The Bloody Baron, Nilfgard arc, Skellige arc and the final battle were all main quests where character choices mattered.