Watch 50 Minutes of Death Stranding New Gameplay, Showcases Multiplayer Interaction

In case you didn’t catch the Death Stranding livestream by Hideo Kojima, you can watch the 50-minute Death Stranding gameplay right here at your own pace straight from the Tokyo Game Show (TGS).

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Jin_Sakai11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

This game looks insane! So much for walking simulator. Hoverboards, bikes, and boss battles.

I have to say Death Stranding might be the best looking open world game I’ve ever seen. Beautiful visuals and the animations are superb. It also seems that everything is connected and people will rebuild the world together.

gamesftw25011d ago

gotta love the delivery simluator haha

naruga11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

basically is what Kojima wanted to do with the the sequel of MGS--> Metal gear 6 but now he cant name it that way ......if someone imagines the world after a post apocalyptic war of Mgs4 world ....then you get Death stranding

poleerollee10d ago

nothing to see here keep walking.....

sushimama10d ago

THIS GAME is a breath of fresh air. I want to play something unique and special. The reviews will show it to be a great game I'm sure, regardless, I'm playing at midnight on release day. Hopefully after a pre-load

abstractel10d ago

I'm glad ~60% of you are interested, to me it just looks like a chore. Keep my shoes clean, walk for miles, manage a baby, rest, make sure I'm walking in the right parts of the river, making sure my cargo is not damaged, charging my batteries, etc. This would not have gotten greenlit if it were anyone other than Kojima making it.

I have to wonder if people are really viewing this game realistically, the emperor's new clothes etc.

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Nitrowolf211d ago

yeah. cant wait for the next stream, apparently its suppose to be more better explained

pwnmaster300011d ago

Are they showing more gameplay or just explaining more?

Nitrowolf211d ago (Edited 11d ago )

They’re showing more off, but I’m not sure if it’s from the same gameplay from today or new extended portions. This was was edited by Kojima I think the next one is suppose to focus more on the scenes

It might be the same footage though, just going over mechanics more

pwnmaster300011d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Ahh bet, can’t wait. This is looking better then I thought.

Yeah I just seen the schedule.
It said on the 14th death stranding gameplay volume 2

Tapani11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

For all non-Japanese speakers, some translations I still remember from the stream:

Kojima said that he will show how to mess around with Norman in the rest area more tomorrow. The Japanese voice cast will be present as well. Today was the main event, tomorrow is some more extra explanation coming in about the systems. He also said it's playable without a time-limit at the Sony booths.

Also the biggest theme in the game was connecting with people, and he went in-length to explain how he connected with the musician who was also on stage, how he connected with people at Guerilla studios and other studios, musicians, artists etc. Connecting means having lunches, drinking together, and thinking about the game design, getting people on-board in regards to bands and songs, and most of all others listening to him (he described himself as an old complaining guy humorously) nagging about the difficulties of designing the game and creating it. He said he started with nothing when he got independent four or so years ago, and all these personal connections he had got him where he is today showing DS gameplay to everyone in the world the first time. This is why the connecting with people is an important theme in the game as well, because they helped him throughout his journey from nothing to the stage today.

The stuff he said about the game was truly mind-blowing. There are just so many interesting gameplay features, and the way how other people can help you by providing tools and ammo or what not during boss battles was brilliant. These people won't kind of definitely invade (dark souls style) the scene (at least that was not discussed or shown.) But also the tools and stuff other players leave and share throughout their journey can be used. So for example the bike and ladders and other items (like the signs for "onsen" = bath, and pointing out where to proceed) can be used. So he said there will be people who just create stuff with the kind of a 3D printer you have and help others, and others who just journey alone with limited connection to others. He also mentioned that the Bike is by the way not so easily going to be available, so you can't just find them lying around and drive until the it runs out of electricity.

Also, you can't use your 3d printer tool if you exit the network area that is currently connected to a one that you are supposed to connect (and is not connected at that time.) So you won't have all your tools usable until you connect the nods by doing the main deliveries. He also mentioned there will be side quests, and that musician hologram side quest delivery was an example of a side quest and earned him a special (item) harp (which he played at the onsen making the baby happy and swim along.) He also mentioned that the baby has moods and depending how you play (if you are having a rough ride for example) the moods will change and it will start crying. It can also laugh and interact with you if you do fun stuff like play music of something similar.

I've never seen this kind of a game, and his explanation just blew my mind about the possibilities.

Krangs_Uncle11d ago


Thanks for the effort..

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excaliburps11d ago

I purposely avoid watching everything now. I hate it when a game spoils too much. Haha! This looks insane though. Imagine if he had FOX engine again? MGS5 still looks next-gen up to this day.

mkis00711d ago

I think fox misses out on the small graphical details. As a whole they look good but there isnt as much individual detail. Up close Vs far away.

Sevir10d ago

Decima > Fox. I want to see this on PS5 with Ray Tracing and 60fps enabled.

solideagle11d ago

I think we all were trolled by Kojima again. we kept thinking its a walking/delivery simulator and now it has bosses, multiplayer, shooting :) it looks like a great game, I really like how kojima changes gameplay for each of his game e.g. MGS 2 to MGS 3 :)

pwnmaster300011d ago

Yeah I was kinda nervous of the gameplay, but this is what I was hoping for.

I love games that take you on a journey. People might bash it saying it saying it looks boring and want more action.. that’s fine, but if the story is good and captures you in, this might be my GOTY.

That battle with those unknown beings looks crazy and intense. I really wish I knew wth they were saying.

Spicyram11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

That looks really cool! looks like there will be a variety of unique vehicles

PlayableGamez-11d ago

It looks better than Horizon Zero Dawn. I mean Death Stranding is suppose to be in the States but it dont look like it. Like why does the South look like Iceland?

xX-oldboy-Xx10d ago

Because it isn't real - just a hunch.

NarutoFox11d ago

That boss battle was awesome

Kumakai10d ago

still looks pretty boring to me. even with vehicles its just endless droning on.

xX-oldboy-Xx10d ago

Intersplice what you saw yesterday with what you've seen already.

DaDrunkenJester10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Things I liked:
-Visuals are stunning.
-Draw distance and anti aliasing are great.
-I like the idea of the Souls-like interactivity with other players. Sending out a call for help and people can send you some items from ammo to exploration tools.
-I like the idea of risk/reward for sneaking into a base and stealing potentially better items like that speed boost exosuit. Or just going around and skipping.
-I like that there are vehicles (even though it's short lived once you have to climb a mountain area).

Things I don't like:
-Combat looks flat, the boss was basically taken out with 15 grenades. Stealth seems streamlined instead of hardcore like in MGS3. How that guy doesn't hear the exosuit sprinting only 10 yards from him is beyond me.
-The entire game is structured around delivering items which besides the maybe 5 minutes of combat it was just a walking sim. However, it's a next evolution walking sim that provides more walking and exploring options.
-Having to rest and bathe and blah blah to remove status effects.
-Some animations really need work like that canyon jump and the stealth takedown.
-Too much focus on small annoying things like correcting your balance just as your walking with your packs.
-The world is too empty, all that gameplay and he only came across one settlement that is completely optional. Finding random ladders and notes from other players is not enough to keep an entire open world engaging.

Also consider that he also had to cut around some gameplay so who knows how much more he was just walking around doing nothing and needing to rest and rub his shoulders and all the other tedious stuff. It's funny... Kojima showed us everything this game was going to be within the first few reveals... lots of walking and delivering packages, yet we wanted to see more because we refused to believe he would make a game based on such a boring core gameplay concept. Looks like we should have just believed him when he first showed us the game and said there would be a lot of walking and exploring and combat is more of a side thing... I feel pretty let down.

xX-oldboy-Xx10d ago

He also made a cut in the camp, maybe doesn't want you to see certain things.

DaDrunkenJester10d ago


This is true, but I'm betting he just cut out him running around trying to punch out enemies and stuff. There wasn't really much going on in that scene. I also dont like that there is a cut away scene for entering and exiting vehicles... that was pretty jarring flicking between.

King_Noctis10d ago

I’m cautiously optimistic about this game. I think its not for everyone, but for me, I think it look good enough. I love exploration and story, and I think Death Stranding has all of that. I do hope the game let us move abit faster though, and that there are more transportation around.

IRetrouk10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

it was a broad view of one mission with edited cuts, the game looks fine and looks to be deep and engaging, i dont get the empty world thing either, is been devastated, its not supposed to look how america looks now, we seen one area that shows obvious signs of buildings etc camps, bridge bases, kinda standard open world really, but the point is all of these places have to be connected, so its obvious the world isnt completely empty or barren, funny how you mention all these negatives for this game, but gears gets a free pass from you, barren empty, nothing to do open levels and all.... not to mention but yet nothing but praise...

DaDrunkenJester10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


Lol did you just try to compare Gears to this? Let me give you the differences here. Gears has multiple things to stop and find on your journey, often times that lead to be fun combat and boss fights. Gears doesn't have you stop and rest and sooth a baby and rub your shoulders and bathe and other tedious things. Gears has fun transportation and you dont have to worry about loading too heavy of packages that will slow you down. Gears main focus isnt delivering packages and walking around.

IRetrouk10d ago

so the open levels are barren but because you can collect somethings its ok with you? the only thing im comparing is your bias, nothing more.

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trooper_10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

It’s a shame this game is getting trashed as boring.

I see some MGS influences in the game and it looks interesting. I like how people are literally calling it a walking simulator just because they’re not seeing pew pew bullets firing off.

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TGGJustin11d ago

Game of the year right here. Very impressive showing.

solideagle11d ago

didn't you know Gears 5 already took that by forbes article :D /s

Jay76711d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Lol yeah right .

Brazz11d ago

Gears 5 will not be nominated, let alone win goty.

demonic3611d ago

Seriously? that looked boring as hell!

galmi10d ago

its like we watched something completely different from everyone else

ChrisW10d ago

I doesn't look original at all

IRetrouk11d ago

well that was more than enough for me, day 1, media blackout time.

mrmikew201811d ago

So true, I think we can piece enough together now to get an idea what's in store for us.....I'm sold now!!!!

CrimsonPheonix10d ago

Media blackout time ...after you've seen every trailer already.

IRetrouk10d ago

have i? how would you know what i have and haven't watched? so far all ive seen is the teasers like everyone else and this one gameplay vid, the games not out till November so i have hardly seen everything to do with the game as there will certainly be more trailers and info released. i also said when this stream was announced that it would be the last video i watch before going dark, just so i could get an idea of the moment to moment gameplay, dont see the issue.

CrimsonPheonix9d ago

You watched that preview y'know the one they said don't watch if you don't want the gameplay content spoiled then you're not media blackout. The only other trailers will probably be a launch trailer that comes out AFTER the game. Do whatever you want but you're not media blackout.

IRetrouk9d ago

what? lmao, first you tell me what i have and havent watched, now you are saying people said not to watch this? really? who said not to watch the tgs stuff? i had to watch it if i wanted to get an idea of the gameplay, which i did, which again, is something i said when this stream was announced. kinda what the stream was for.... now im in blackout, not hard to understand really. also how do you know what they will or wont release before launch lol, you work for kojima? they already done a second showing today, and guess what? i didnt watch it, read about it or even attempt to look at it. like it, dont, i dont really care, but your wrong. and instead of adding something of value to thread or conversation you decided that my way of doing a media blackout is different to yours so must be wrong, get a grip mate.

CrimsonPheonix8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

just look it up yourself "Hideo Kojima Suggests You Shouldn't Watch Death Stranding's TGS 2019 Gameplay"
Kojima himself: "DS is a totally new game and I’ve revealed many info(hint) so as a game creator I’d like you to play without any info and enjoy the surprise by discovering yourself. But since many people say they don’t know what’s the game is about, I decided to introduce the basic gameplay." The developer wants the game to be mysterious but you already went and spoiled it for yourself.

IRetrouk8d ago

but thats exactly why i wanted to watch it, to find out what sort of stuff i would be doing during the game, how is finding out the basic gameplay spoiling anything for me? did you see any story spoilers in that first stream? all i ment by my original comment is im now happy with what i saw and can go dark on the game untill release, i still dont understand the issue.

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xX-oldboy-Xx11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Awesome! If people still need more, buy something else - he's shown an insane amount of gameplay. Still haven't seen any actual gameplay interactions with the Homo-demons yet, I think that's where the gunplay will be lethal if the player so chooses.

Day 1 - Collector's Edition, Steelbook and Art Of Death Stranding.

SyntheticForm11d ago

Agreed - they've shown plenty now, and I think it was needed. While mystery and nebulousness can be virtues in this industry, they can also confuse and turn people away when they're prolonged.

This latest batch of revelation was much needed, imo, and I gotta say it's looking fantastic.