Resident Evil Project Resistance: A 4v1 online multiplayer you won't want to put down - Daily Star

Project Resistance isn't the Resident Evil Outbreak spin-off you thought it was. It's actually something even better.

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Joey_The_Robot378d ago

You'd be surprised. I'd certainly advise trying the beta as the mastermind.

W34KN35S378d ago

yeah i was really hoping for 4 player co op without the 4v1

Joey_The_Robot378d ago

There's no reason, in theory, the mastermind couldn't be Ai controlled, but it makes a nice change having that flexibility to give players the option to try it.

Blu3_Berry378d ago

I was hoping it would be a 4 player co-op style of game, but this could be potentially fun if done right.

Joey_The_Robot378d ago

It was a LOT of fun. Mastermind especially.

Lon3wolf378d ago

Not for me, I'm sure others will love it.

ElementX378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

More like an online multiplayer I won't want to pick up

VTKC378d ago

Sounds interesting.Just like it mentioned I immediately thought of Evolved. The problem is I can just imagine the amount of Nickle and diming on new maps and weapons/weapon upgrades are going to be put on to supposedly get that "edge" over the mastermind and vice versa with cards and points. Mr X is overpowered is because thats who he is. Leon and Claire showed us that. He wouldnt be Mr X if he wasnt. Its going to look rather stupid with a bunch of civilians being able to stop Mr X with bats and everyday objects compared to what Leon and Claire had got their hands on as weapons.

Joey_The_Robot378d ago

There is a variety of weapons to pick up in the weapon box. I skated over that as I didn't have the details to hand of what you could buy, but you can, with enough points, get some tasty weapons to take down X, as you would have tried with Leon or Claire. Even then, his use in rounds is more of a cherry on top or 90 stressful seconds.

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The story is too old to be commented.