'Gears 5' Is The Win That Microsoft Needed, The Xbox's Answer To 'Uncharted'

After a long generation with a lot of missteps, Microsoft has a major win in the form of 'Gears 5'.

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Jin_Sakai4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Gears 5 is a great game but it’s no Uncharted.

NarutoFox4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

What I find hilarious is that Uncharted is not Sony best exclusive anymore. They have so many *great exclusives* and new IPs

Gaming1014d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Uncharted was May of 2016. Over 3 years ago. Sony has had years of exclusives that have their own greatness in their own right, just like Gears 5 is its own thing, and is great in its own right as well. It isn't the "Uncharted of X-bone" or whatever. It's not an answer to anything. It's its own thing.

A common question people have is "If we played all the previous Gears games, do we even need to play the new one or is it more of the same?"

The answer is, it's more of the same but it was great before so it's really just more greatness.

NarutoFox4d ago (Edited 4d ago )


I agree. The problem I have with Microsoft is it's always Gears, Halo, and Forza. Whatever happen to Fable or all the new IPs Microsoft promise they were working on back in 2013? That was six years ago. ⌛🤔

TheKingKratos4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Tone in for :
"why Gears 5 made Playstation games look like ps2 games and it was made by divine power that brought Kratos to his knees"
from Forbs

For the love of god, they are sucking MS d*** so much
Also what kind of a win is this ?! It's not even the best Gears game if we go by scores not even their best "exclusive" that happen to be on pc as well
and what did they even win with this ?

THC CELL4d ago

@narutofox Yes because they decide to finish it unlike halo and gears that gets milked

link2Dpast4d ago

Yea I never understood how they were able to sustain themselves with just halo, gears, and forza. I mean I get it there Microsoft but damn this is gaming and they just don’t have that. I mean they own rare and have done absolutely nothing with them, now they have Minecraft and haven’t even tried to push a part 2 of it. When Sega went that was xboxes best case scenario

ABizzel14d ago

This mess needs to stop. I know they're trying to advertise and market Gears, and it is a GREAT game, but this type of advertising is doing more harm than good.

It's an amazing game that stands on its own, but it's the Xbox answer to Uncharted.....a game that came out more than 3 years ago only paints an even more dire picture that MS and team Xbox are so far behind PlayStation it took them 3 years to finally get something comparable to PlayStations first-party offerings and this is only 1 game over an entire generation of exclusives Xbox that has received the "GOTY" conversation (outside of Forza Horizon, but a racing game is unlikely to ever win GOTY outside of the Racing genre).

Both games were great and both games did what they needed to do. I get this is MS / Team Xbox push to get back in the good graces of console owners, and want them to experience the game by possibly buying into a super cheap XBO, so they can get some carry over into next-generation, but these Gears is the best console exclusive / Gears is the win MS needed / etc.... need to stop.

Let the game win and succeed on its own, because it is a great game, because in the end it has done nothing to help MS this generation, and it won't be a HUGE talking point in a years time with new consoles coming out.

Great game, awful and forced media push.

super_bruno4d ago

Can't we just enjoy the game for what it is and stop comparing it to Uncharted.

bolimekurac4d ago


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RpgSama4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Wow, talk about trying to build a narrative, after basically a full generation they finally published another great game that is not Halo or Forza (but another Gears) and now they treat it as if it was all worth it, as if one game makes up all the years of nothing, as if this one game levels the playing field against dozens of PlayStation exclusives, it doesn't.

Is Gears 5 a great game in an already established franchise? Yes it is.

Is it enough to make up for all the years of basically sub-par games or to signal a change in course for them? No.

porkChop4d ago

"and now they treat it as if it was all worth it, as if one game makes up all the years of nothing, as if this one game levels the playing field against dozens of PlayStation exclusives, it doesn't."

Literally no one said that. Saying Microsoft finally has a win on their hands does not in any way negate or trivialize the rest of the generation. It just means that after years of poor output they finally released a top-tier game.

conanlifts4d ago

Traditional Xbox fans buy Xbox consoles mostly for halo and gears. Gears 5 is a great addition, but a whole generation and only 1 new halo and 2 gears. Even with their main games they have under performed. I like my Xbox, but first party wise it has been very poor and even their 2 main franchises have been rare this gen.

LordJamar4d ago

It’s defiantly a change in course things are getting better

RacerX3d ago

@conanlifts, I only keep buying my Xbox because I've been accumulating digital content on it for over 10 years. For me, the X1 just didn't cut it when compared to PS4. I just cant trust Microsoft when the next consoles release.

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Tech54d ago (Edited 4d ago )

@ Jin_Sakai
it was never meant to be. gears will always be gears.
since 2006.

bishup254d ago

a very misleading headline. gears is best known for being gears.
it was created when there was no Uncharted or TR rebbot. those games came much later.

Tacobell3234d ago (Edited 4d ago )

you mean Uncharted was suppose to the answer to Gears. take it from Naughty Dog.

NarutoFox4d ago (Edited 4d ago )


Didn't Gears copy Killswitch cover?

Genkins4d ago

I feel like every thread that talks about gears is going to be like this.
from now on. i mean it's been like this for 10 years now. it just sucks that gears is never given enough credit.

gears pioneered the iron sight. where other developers overlooked it for years.
the blending of mechanics would become the industry standard for 3rd person games.

Tacobell3234d ago (Edited 4d ago )

@ NarutoFox

their aiming systems are nothing alike.


NarutoFox4d ago (Edited 4d ago )


Hmm I remember when Cliff or someone from Epic said they was influenced by Killswitch cover years ago. You know what I do remember

"Epic’s lead designer at the time, Cliff Bleszinski, has gone on record that he was inspired by the camera in Resident Evil 4 and the lesser-known kill.switch. In fact, the lead designer for kill.switch worked on Gears of War, which explains why they have so much in common."😂

What about the cover mechanic? Lmao

BLizardXD4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Gears was more closer to Re4.
the aiming system though in RE4 doesn't lock to camera.


Uncharted (locks to Camera)

Uncharted's aiming system is closer to gears. as ND stated.

Imalwaysright4d ago


Gears is Killswitch's spiritual successor. Chris Esaki, Killswitch's lead designer and the man that created the template for the modern cover system was Gears of war design director and he worked directly with Cliff on the game's cover system.

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Brave_Losers_Unite4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

According to reviewers, Gears 5 did worse than Gears 1. Gears 5 did worse than Gears 2. Gears 5 did worse than Gears 3.
It doesn't even have a 90 on metacritic. This comes nothing close to being called a "win"

Its even a downgrade in some areas to the previous title...

NarutoFox4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I'm surprised the PC version even got a lower score and that version has the best graphics.. But I also noticed the Xbox fans tried to say the PC version was the weakest on metacritic and opencritic. Some of the same users reviewed both versions and gave the PC version a lower score on the same day.. Did they play both versions at the same time? It is what it is 😂

IRetrouk4d ago

lie? are you sure it was a lie?, looks pretty downgraded to me

milohighclub3d ago

I played about an hour of the campaign and turned it off, played about 4 games of multiplayer and turned it off.

Started state of decay 2 and it's pretty fucking sweet, I think this gens best xbox exclusive got massively overlooked...

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SyntheticForm4d ago

It's no Uncharted but it does have moments with Uncharted-like vibes, so I understand the argument from that perspective.

SolidGamerX4d ago

Exactly, this isn't an article its an opinion piece and should be labeled as such.

4d ago
leoms4d ago

Not gotta mention the story but it doesn't come close to the technical wonder of even the 1st uncharted lmao

spicelicka4d ago

And Uncharted is no Gears. Every Third person shooter owes its combat to Gears, and it's still the king of TPS gunplay and multiplayer. Uncharted on the other hand is unmatched for its set pieces and cinematic gameplay.

milohighclub3d ago

Yet still no shoulder swap 🤷‍♂️

spicelicka2d ago

You mean a non-issue that no one who actually plays Gears has ever complained about?

fr0sty4d ago

If this is their answer to Uncharted, years later, what is their answer to God of War, Ghosts of Tsushima, Spider Man, etc?

gravedigger4d ago

Uncharted 4 - with Metacritic's MUST PLAY game ( 93 )
Gears 5 - Metacritic's um.....what?

Donnie814d ago

Uncharted is no Gears you mean

xTonyMontana4d ago

Microshills are on point here it seems.. as if the agrees and disagrees of your comment is a fair reflection of the general viewpoint of N4G and not to mention the overwhelming majority of gamers would objectively look at Gears 5 and just laugh at the suggestion it's comparable to the Uncharted franchise.. that's like saying Michael Bay movies are on par with say something like a Christopher Nolan film.

Gunstar753d ago

No, it's much much better.

Uncharted is up there with tomb raider. Clunky gunplay, puzzle (yawn) solving.

Gears has f**king chainsaws biiishh

Xb1ps43d ago

What kind of dumb shit is this?! It’s 2 different games!

Nasdac3d ago

They will never reach the Uncharted 4 Sales so the comparison is unfair to Coalition.

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Ratchet754d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Not denying Gears5 is an awesome game(I've completed the campaign twice already) but two Forbes pieces in less than a week smells a lot like paid advertising imo.

TK-664d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Honestly, people are overreacting about the Campaign imo. It does a lot of new things, and in a lot of ways it doesn't pull them off as well as people say. There's a lot of firsts in this game for the franchise and I'm not a fan of it all; specifically with the Campaign. There's a major story spoiler which I won't reveal and I wasn't a fan of it. It does something that I wouldn't have expected the franchise to do, and I think this is the wrong sort of game to do it in. The ending is awful. Literally the same sort of ending Halo 2, Halo 5 and Gears 2 had. Interesting trend there.

Multiplayer, Horde and Escape on the other hand have been executed very well. Seeing as this game is going to be having content drops for a long time after launch this game is likely going to be one of the most content packed games of the generation. It's very nice to see them taking notes from Halo 3 with community driven content with Escape.

Overall from me it's deserving of a 9/10. All that really holds it back from a 10 is the second half of the Campaign going in a direction I didn't like.

stonecold34d ago

Another bias article putting gears 5 up
There Sony exclusive game Don’t come near Sony games but gear will probably the best on Xbox side of thing but it no where near Sony offering

Kribwalker4d ago

i still don’t think i quite understand what’s going on

NarutoFox4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

"Another bias article putting gears 5 up 
There Sony exclusive game" 

You didn't noticed? Vasto posted this article 😂

King_Noctis4d ago

Let be honest. Both sides have good games and bad games.

-Foxtrot4d ago

Uncharted? Really?

Uncharted has always had a decent story, stuck with a main character for long character development and knew when to call it quits.

Only thing I could nitpick is how they butchered the multiplayer from the skill based bare bones Uncharted 2 to the over the top silly gimmicky arcade stuff I’m Uncharted 3 / 4

Uncharted 2s multiplayer was glorious

TK-664d ago (Edited 4d ago )

"they butchered the multiplayer from the skill based bare bones Uncharted 2"

Situational Awareness says otherwise. I don't call a perk letting seeing enemies through walls in a game like this skill based. U3 and U4 aren't that different from U2 in terms of gameplay so you're remembering U2 with rose-tinted glasses. If you'd actually read the article you'd see they correctly point out Uncharted definitely does better in the Campaign department, but anyone who honestly argues that it overthrows Gears in the multiplayer department is deluded.

-Foxtrot4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Dude the boosters were so small compared to those little gimmicks in every other multiplayer game like COD or Battlefield etc

Situational Awareness was broken but compared to other games that multiplayer was balanced as hell and made it more about skill.

You all started with the same guns, you didn’t have weapon mods to give your gun the advantage, there was no sidekicks to help you or an in game store menu to buy things.

Even the boosters didn’t really matter after a certain level, they were literally boosters, they give you a small boost to get going and you could swap them not knowing the difference they made. Only ones like an extra grenade or no explosion knock back were really useful.

All they needed to do was cut SA and randomise the power weapons so people didn’t rush to them at the start of the game

bluebenjamin4d ago

Uncharted 2 fight mechanics were better it was fun fighting on that game Uncharted 3 did not feel as satisfying

TK-664d ago (Edited 4d ago )

"Uncharted 2 fight mechanics were better it was fun fighting on that game Uncharted 3 did not feel as satisfying"

Cool. Neither holds a candle to Gears online. If you want me to debate which Uncharted game has the best MP I'm going to have to decline. I'm not especially interested if the one people consider the best, is average at best.

Prince-Ali3d ago


Im sick of you people always over hyping Gears online lool.. it's LITERALLY sucha clunky game to play online.. and ALWAYS becomes a shotgun spamming roll fest ¬___¬ loool

TK-663d ago


"Im sick of you people"

Calm down babe.

But hey if you don't think Gears has good online tell me about wall-bouncing and how it doesn't introduce depth to the game. The reason the shotgun is the most used weapon is because of that mechanic. You can win without using it but you have to clever in your positioning and have good accuracy. If you don't know how to play that's on you, not the game.

milohighclub3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Over 1000 hrs in uncharted 4 mp and can still smash out an 8 hr session. Played about 4 matches on gears 5 and I'm bored af already.

@foxtrot uncharted 2 mp was awesome, wish they never dropped the negative boosters.

TK-663d ago


"Over 1000 hrs in uncharted 4 mp and can still smash out an 8 hr session. Played about 4 matches on gears 5 and I'm bored af already."

That's cute. I have over 8000 hours in Dota 2. Why is that important? I don't fucking know.

What I do know is that there's 9 disagrees on my comment, but not 1 argument made to show how the gameplay mechanics of Uncharted outperform Gears on any level for a competitive shooter. Show me one mechanic in Uncharted that creates a high skill ceiling in the way that wall-bouncing does in Gears.

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TK-664d ago (Edited 4d ago )


You can't in one sentence say the boosters were so small, and then in the next sentence admit Situational awareness was broken. Also fyi if you consider a games multiplayer to be "glorious", and then when someone challenges it your immediate response is "well, compared to COD", then it definitely wasn't glorious.

So Uncharted 2's multiplayer was glorious compared to COD, and the boosters didn't matter unless it was Situational Awareness which was broken.* FTFY

King_Noctis4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

“knew when to call it quits.“

Yet they shoehorned in a brother storyline to extend the series which make no sense narrative-wise as as the past games never mentioned that Drake has a brother.

“stuck with a main character for long character development”

Uncharted The Lost Legacy says hello. I’m not saying the game is bad (Uncharted 3 was my favorite game on the PS3) but what you have said made no sense.

INMATEofARKHAM4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

If you start complaining about story and then mention UC3 as your favorite... I don't know how to take you seriously.

As for MP and UC Foxtrot is correct in my humble opinion. UC2 had it all, great basic gameplay, weapons that felt different, the rush for power weapons, maps that were balanced, game play modes that were great. The All Competitive Playlist was amazing. The boosters were far more in line with things too. Hell, even situational awareness, as broken as it was, wasn't the most broken booster in UC history. UC3 had grenades that blew up whenever they touched something, UC4 has power weapons on call... Which can really interrupt the flow of matches.

Team objectives matches have really suffered in UC3/4 also. UC3 the maps favored the heroes (in all modes) and outside of plunder the other team objectives modes where all smushed up into one mode where you only played each mode for a handful of minutes. UC4 people play King of the Hill, which is good, but plunder is so broken that no one ever plays it.

Honestly, give me UC2'S playlist all day and I would be happy... The best Plunder of the series (I would argue it's the best 1 flag both teams capture mode ever made), chain reaction when you had two teams knowing what to do could be amazingly intense. Also RPGs vs RPGs for pure lunacy.

Outside of one booster, the ability get out of the map, and the ability to throw the idol into location it couldn't be retrieved, UC2 was about as perfect as one could hope. (Also matchmaking issues but that's every UC.)

I hope on the future we can all play it again with emulation.

King_Noctis4d ago


I haven’t gotten around to finish Uncharted 2 though so I can’t comment on that. But I do agree that it is the best Uncharted game. I loved Uncharted 3 because I got around to finish that game and it has a really good story imo.

SyntheticForm4d ago

I thought the inclusion of Sam and his story line was great. Sam was a compelling and likable character. Just because Sam was never previously mentioned doesn't mean he has no value.

And what part of Sam's inclusion doesn't make sense? Necessary for the story, no, but he's definitely an interesting and worthy inclusion, and he makes sense in the story - quite a boon to it really.

He's not Nate, but he's definitely a Drake and a generally cool big brother.