Quantic Dream Wants to Experiment With Shorter Experiences in the Future

Quantic Dream CEO David Cage says he would love to experiment with shorter gaming experiences, but only if the market allows him to do it.

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Myst-Vearn499d ago

That doesn't sound like something I would want.


Please don't. The reason why I didn't care for Man of Medan was for this exact reason. Loved Until Dawn.

Knightofelemia499d ago

Having a shorter game is not right I like my game to be long especially if it is $80 brand new in Canada. A short game and charging $80 new would piss me off for sure to the point where I just skip you and your game.

Chexs1990499d ago

This would also suggest that the games would be cheaper then, right?

WiiU-Dude499d ago

Not likely. I said the same thing about seeing a movie in the theater. There was a time when watching a movie in the theater was a way to escape commercials, but now we sit through them before the movie begins. I said fine, will that make movies cost less to see...HAHAHA. Yeah right.

Silly gameAr499d ago (Edited 499d ago )

I actually thought the same thing. I hate being naive.

CrimsonWing69499d ago

When was that? Like in the 80's?

Chexs1990499d ago

It's incredible how one-sided unchecked capitalism is though.
If Cage still wanna do 60$ games when doing the short game format, it's just straight up taking the P**s out of people

WiiU-Dude499d ago (Edited 499d ago )

I recently played through Detroit Become Human and LOVED it. I am now playing Beyond Two Souls and have Heavy Rain waiting. I don't think I want shorter. Unless it is just a short, but full length is still made.

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