Sakurai: ‘No way’ future Smash Bros games will have as many fighters as Ultimate

From VGC: "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai says there’s “no way” the series will be able to have as many fighters or series represented again in future games.

Writing in his Japanese Famitsu column (translated by PushDustIn and Nokolo), Sakurai said he feels that the Nintendo Switch fighting instalment is now “the ultimate collaboration title,” following the announcement that it will receive further DLC fighters beyond the 5 included in its first DLC pass."

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GameBoyColor11d ago

yup, this is as good as it'll get, unless ultimate 2 becomes a thing

DefaultComment11d ago

I highly doubt we will ever gert another smash bros game created by Sakurai, so this is his legacy right here.

zacfoldor11d ago

Yeah, Smash is crazy this time. The industry came together on this one, lol.

Summons7511d ago

Yeah but after Ultimate, Smash is going to need to take a long break and Nintendo is going to have to do a massive campaign to get that through the mainstream players heads because I don't expect a lot of people to really understand this.

EddieNX 11d ago

Only Nintendo make games like Smash.

3-4-511d ago

How can anyone disagree.

There are literally like 4 other similar games in existence that even somewhat closely resemble Smash Bros. game play style.

EddieNX 11d ago

Exactly , it's how hilarious how many people on N4G cant accept simple facts, like for example, Nintendo being clearly the best developer of all time.

-Foxtrot10d ago

"How can anyone disagree"


"Like for example, Nintendo being clearly the best developer of all time"

Because he's like that...24/7

jaymacx11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Powerstone was a good party style fighter but lacked the great iconic characters of Smash. Capcom hasn’t done much with it since the Dreamcast. Some of my favorite games on the Dreamcast (Powerstone 1&2).

I don’t know how Nintendo can top Ultimate.

PurpHerbison11d ago

Sure they can. Just port the game again, add more DLC, give it a new title.

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The story is too old to be commented.