Why Ubisoft isn't abandoning its open worlds

CEO Yves Guillemot explains why the growing audience for games means the publisher's blockbuster model is sustainable

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Kane2211d ago

that's cause the old ones were actually complete games..with no live service crap added to them and everything was offline.

ziggurcat11d ago

I don't mind the RPG direction, but I could do without the blatant design choices that are meant to lead people into spending money on the MTs.

SyntheticForm11d ago

Odyssey has MTs literally called "Time Savers."

For fuck's sake.

ziggurcat11d ago

Well, to be fair, that's better than "surprise mechanics." At least it's honest?

Rachel_Alucard11d ago

They've had the timer saver DLC since AC: Brotherhood at least

UltraNova11d ago

Or having what must be the game's best missions where you hunt mythical beasts as a set up to unlock paid DLC (Atlantis). I enjoyed those missions but when the game stops to inform me that all that effort put in towards unlocking Atlantis was for nothing, unless I paid for the DLC, was kind of letdown.

The AC IP won't be turning back. Online integration and monetization is the only way forward I'm afraid.

SyntheticForm11d ago

Honest and honestly bad - yes.

Firebird36011d ago

Origins and odyssey are the best in the series imo. Odyssey being my favorite game last year.

sushimama11d ago

I platinumed it. 8/10 at best for that game.

Hatsu1211d ago (Edited 11d ago )

lol Odyssey is the biggest grind fest i've ever had the displeasure of playing in my life. I literally got the game for free while watching TGA 2018 on Steam and still could not finish it. The world is huge and bloated for no real reason, all the side quests and activities are as mundane as they can get, hell game isn't even about assassins anymore, but rather overpowered demi gods. The story might be interested but what's the point when I have to go through hours and hours of busy work to actually get to the main story. Shit game cannot see why it's so praise for the life of me. Intentionally designed to be as big and boring as possible.

Chocoburger11d ago

The past 2 AC games were the worst in the series by far. Too big for their own good, too much bloated uninteresting side quests and upgrade menus to screw around in.

Give me an AC game that's HALF THE SIZE, but TWICE AS INTERESTING!
Create actual AI for the enemies instead of using the same brain-dead AI from the PS3 / Xbox 360 era! These are more powerful consoles, yet the AI is still nonexistent.

Get rid of the level ups (why am I leveling up in a damn AC game?!), and skill trees! None of that stuff makes the game any better, its just deliberately gating off game mechanics to give a fake sense of 'character progression', but its not true character progression, its just moves and features that should have been available at the start. Instead they purposely gimp your character starting off with a boring and limited move set.

Its sad to see AC fall so far, when there is still so much potential in the concept of using the animus and tying it with the modern day Assassin's vs Templars war.

Oh yeah, what's happening in the modern day storyline? Absolutely nothing of interest. The rotten cherry on top of a trash game.

Blu3_Berry11d ago

It's not really even Assassin Creed anymore. I don't know why they didn't name it something else.

sushimama11d ago

Because they're too chicken-shit to lose the brand name in Assassin's Creed. They all but dumped the Animus shit. They need to just start fresh.

-Foxtrot10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Same reason they didn't call Beyond Good and Evil II something else

Same reason they didn't call Ghost Recon Wildlands something else

Same reason they changed the shit out of WatchDogs

Same reason they do games like Blood Dragon and Primal as Far Cry game spin offs instead of full on new IPs

They don't want to take the risk and do completely different ideas/tones/directions as new IPs

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The story is too old to be commented.