Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is the Perfect Remake for the Switch

Xenoblade Definitive Edition is the Perfect Remake - Xenoblade Definitive Edition is the Perfect Remake for the Switch and is what Switch owners need.

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EddieNX 11d ago

The only thing that ruined this game was being so ugly 480p in a time when HD had become normal.

Now we will get to enjoy the game with great graphics as we should of done in 2011. Theres a few other Wii games that need this treatment and I'm looking at you Skyward Sword and the Galaxy games!

Gemmol11d ago

I rather they do last story next

EddieNX 11d ago

Yh theres a ton of Wii games that could benefit.

AK9111d ago

Agreed The Last Story was a special gem and it never really for the attention it deserved.

JunMei11d ago

Yes. I need that! Also there needs to be a Last Story 2!

MasterCornholio11d ago

Not to mention the 3DS version was a downgrade and had a bad framerate. I'm do glad the Switch is getting this game

EddieNX 11d ago

I was also never tempted to play it again on 3DS and believe it wasn't great. This version looks good though with its remastered assets, I think it will look surprisingly good when it's on your TV.

bumbleforce11d ago

Most last gen games at the Nintendo full price. Bend over and take it nintendorks

Sully524611d ago

This game is from 2 gens ago. Its a remake with graphics that are 10x better. And this will be the first time most players will have access to this game

Kados11d ago

Simply being able to buy it at a reasonable price makes it worth it. The stupid limited release GS exclusivity BS killed the potential of the original release.

Gamestop themselfs were supposedly removing new copies from the wrap and selling them as used so they could jack up the price.

Zeldafan6410d ago

They did it at the Gamestop near me.

KeenBean34511d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Most ps1 games at the Sony full price, bend over and take it Sony fanboys

See I can do it with FF7 remake as well

Neonridr10d ago

just wait until the PS5 comes along and Sony wants to resell you all the PS4 games with some minor enhacements for PS5. What will be said then?

autobotdan11d ago

Last Story Definitive Edition next please

AK9111d ago

Would love if they did a remaster of Xenoblade X as well.

Razmiran11d ago

They dont even need to remaster it
Just up the resolution a notch when docked and there, it still looks phenomenal

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