Google Looking into Mod Support for Stadia; Not Every Platform Is on Board with Cross-Progression

John Justice, Head of Product for Google Stadia, said mod support is being looked into. Cross-progression may be limited by other platforms.

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ccgr5d ago

Both would be awesome, hope they can pull it off

AllAroundDistraction5d ago

Mod support for games that offer modding would be a selling point for stadia... if i couldnt run mods, then why pay extra and have limitations?

KaiPow5d ago

But how would that work? Would it just be handpicked/curated mods streamed online or would they somehow save locally on the Stadia console?

SlagWolf4d ago

Most likely yes. Mods would have to be submitted and approved which would suck


It doesn't matter, nobody cares about stadia