Is This Control Post Launch Roadmap Teasing Alan Wake Content?

Rich at GameSpew: 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment have released a content roadmap for Control. Is it teasing an Alan Wake crossover? We sure hope so.

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Axonometri12d ago

Huh..?! Someone say Alan Wake? Give me all your weird Remedy! Maybe this can serve as a portal to a new AW? Anything new AW is awesome.

Clover90412d ago

If you're an Alan Wake fan, for sure, play Control. Builds on the world of Alan Wake.

gamer780411d ago

I wasnt very excited for control but when I heard its intertwined with AW somehow I'm sold. Waiting for the photo mode patch.

DarkOcelet12d ago

Oh shit! I cant wait for this then. Now if they can make a tease for Quantum Break in there, that would be awesome.

AK9111d ago

IIRC Quantum Break IP is still owned by MS, Remedy only managed to get Alan Wake back.

DarkOcelet11d ago

Yea i know, but since MS doesnt seem to be doing anything with QB, they should just give the rights to QB to Remedy.

Spurg12d ago

Alan Wake is very much part of Control. There is a note in the game that mentions the incident of the Bright fall as an Altered world event.
Unfortunately, Control has a great world but a mediocre story.

milohighclub12d ago

I thought the story was great, the acting not so much.

Summons7511d ago

The story was fine and fun. It wasn't trying to be anything more than what it was and that's perfectly okay.

warriorcase11d ago

There's about 5 notes and even goes into current AW. I personally loved Control from start to finish.

Clover90412d ago

I loved Control, and I absolutely loved Alan Wake. Fun fact, Darling actor from Control is also the voice actor for Alan Wake.

-Foxtrot12d ago

Which is even better when you realise it's actually him singing Dyna-mite

veicht11d ago

And perhaps slightly more obviously, Trench is voiced by James McCaffrey (Max Payne).

warriorcase11d ago

I think everyone would of spotted that voice. That voice is iconic and unique. Love Remedy.

AK9111d ago

There are plenty of previous actors from Remedy's past games in Control such as:

- Jesse's actor played Beth Wilder in Quantum Break
- Trench's actor played Max Payne in Max Payne and Thomas Zane in Alan Wake
- Dylan's actor played Nick Masters in Quantum Break

The only one missing is Jack Joyce's (main protag of Quantum Break) for this game but he most likely busy with Man of Medan.

-Foxtrot12d ago

That's awesome to hear


I hope they still let Alan Wake have some of it's own story, it was awesome to see the The Clicker and Typewriter may have been Objects of Power causing Altered World Events but I'm hoping the deal with the darkness is that they have their own mythos and come from a completely different world from the Hiss. I'd like to see them becoming a bigger threat then them.

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The story is too old to be commented.