How The Coalition Dropped the Ball with Gears 5's Co-Op

VGChartz's Patrick Day-Childs: "Gears of War has long been hailed as one of the greatest Cooperative experiences that gamers can enjoy on Xbox platforms. I’ve been a huge fan of the series since its inception and have played through each entry multiple times without getting bored. I fondly remember sitting up until 4am, controller in hand, falling asleep while my friend shouted down the headset at me while playing co-op. Unfortunately it feels like The Coalition really dropped the ball for Gears 5's co-op."

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Kribwalker12d ago

i can understand the writers complaints. It’s definitely different from the earlier gears games and i could imagine making the changes to a semi open world with drop in and out co-op would be difficult to implement without having 2 completely separate skiffs for both players when some of the narrative plays out while riding the skiff and you’d need to tie in another set of characters to make that work. I don’t see to many other ways to make it work and keep the story the same