Google exec: lots of people don’t realise Stadia online multiplayer is free

From VGC: "One of the leading misconceptions about Stadia is that you need to pay to play multiplayer games online.

That’s according to John Justice, Google VP and Stadia head of product, who told StadiaCast in a video interview that lots of consumers think Stadia multiplayer is locked behind a paywall similar to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold."

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HusbandAndWifeGaming5d ago

We know you don't have to pay to play online. You do however have to pay full price for a game you don't even own. This is gonna tank.

justchilliando5d ago

It's basically Xbox live and psn subscription u pay for to play online , u still have to but the games and the quality on Xbox n PlayStation is not like stadia , which will let u play at Mac pc settings and 4k 60fps, so ultra settings on PC is what stadia gives u.but no download play instant n anywhere

gamer78045d ago

it gives you compressed, network conjestion dependent graphics that are based originally off PC ultra. I'd rather have a consistent quality, latency free experience.

badz1495d ago need to pay subscription to play at 4K on Stadia. so for any given game you buy, you have to pay a subscription to allow you to play it in 4K. so much payment for something you don't even own LOL

ZeroX98765d ago

stadia sounds ok with my 1gbs down/up connection, but for most rural areas out there, it's simply not a viable option.
sounds nice on paper, but we're not to a point that we can permanently switch to this kind of platform. good thing they're trying right now, but lots of people will be utterly disappointed by the latency.

GottaBjimmyb5d ago

@zero no, bandwidth is not the limiting factor really, (maybe in some very minor scenarios) the issue would specifically be most relative to latency and/or potential packet loss. Both of which could potentially make the games unplayable. Though I am doubtful they would release a product without knowing if their platform could handle it. (when not congested, another possible issue)

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gamer78045d ago

yup, people also are getting free games each month so really doesn't make the cost that big of a deal anymore.

xX-oldboy-Xx5d ago

It's a compromised way to play, it only benefits one person/company - Google.

Stadia is D.O.A.

gamer78045d ago

@SenorFartCushion as long as you are playing multiplayer games you have the free games, same as your electricity, its on loan to you, until you stop paying for it.

_LarZen_5d ago

And how is that any different from buying a digital game on Xbox,Nintendo or PlayStation? Even PC....

HusbandAndWifeGaming5d ago

Because once you download a game you own it as long as the hardware works. With Stadia when they cancel the program your ability to play the games you "bought" disappears.

specialguest4d ago

How is it different? By a lot. I buy my PC game on steam and I'm running it with my own hardware with no connection latency or video streaming compression or graphics artifacts. I totally own the games and I don't need to be connected online to play my PC games. It's called offline mode.

_LarZen_4d ago


And exactly the same can happen on all other platforms where you buy digital games. Only difference is you have local hardware compared to Stadia.

_LarZen_4d ago


You buy a license for digital PC games just as on Stadia or any other platform. The games can be removed at any moment a publisher or Steam decides to do so. Sure Steam has a offline mode that you can engage to prepare to play offline. But it's not a permanent option. After a while you will need to reconnect and then you lose your games if you cant.

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Leeroyw5d ago

No. It isn't free. You're just paying for it another way. Own goal .

NeoGamer2325d ago

And that is the thing about everything we buy.

Free is never truly free and if it is most of the time the companies go bankrupt.

boing15d ago

Yeah, because it will be unplayable for most.

Tross5d ago

That’s probably because you have to pay just to use the stupid thing.

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