Monster Hunter: Iceborne PlayStation Disaster

Months anticipating the release of Monster Hunter: Iceborne all leading to a massive disappointment. The game wasn’t the problem, it was everything else.

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metalgod8811d ago

Yeah, that sucks man. I once had a $60 game charged on my card, which I didn't purchase.I called up Sony and told them the situation. Because I didn't download or play it, they were able to reverse the purchase "just this once" they said, and put a 6 month purchase ban on my account.

This is why we should:
A. Never keep card details saved in our account
B: Be thankful for return policies from GOG and Steam.

Gigamax11d ago

Now that's rough, buddy. It doesn't even make sense. They need to figure out their purchasing and return policies. You'd think they would have that down by now... Other platforms figured it out. Time for Sony to start taking notes.

jaycptza11d ago

You should get it right that this is a SONY owned company but PlayStation is its own company. So stop using SONY, PlayStation needs to address this not SONY. It sucks for you though

jukins11d ago

@jaycptza playstation is not it's own company. If so show me playstation on the stock market. You even contradict yourself a sony OWNED company but it is it's own company? Call customer service it doesnt say playstation customer service it says sony playstation. Look on your actual playstation it doesn't just say playstation says sony playstation

10d ago
Sirk7x10d ago

That sounds like someone stole your card info, or hacked your account. Hopefully you put a hold on your card as well after that.

awdevoftw11d ago

I read this and came out thoroughly confused.

Gigamax11d ago

That's exactly how I felt going through it. Thoroughly confused. It broke is the best way to sum it up. A digital copy of Monster Hunter cannot be played on my PS4 and it's ripping me apart inside. All I want to do is hunt big monsters.

Silly gameAr11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Is this's first post? Never seen or heard anything from this site. I guess Monster Hunter means a lot to them on PS4.

shaggy230310d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Monster Hunter means a lot to a lot off people, not just PS4 users.

Sirk7x10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Pretty sure his PS4 got corrupted data somehow; It happens. Unfortunate, but hopefully rebuilding the database worked. Customer service at Sony should be able to see the error messages though, one would hope, and you should be able to send an email ticket as well, and if it's beyond their ability to fix, send to someone higher up.
I don't think Sony messed up; I think you might have a corrupted OS, and perhaps the beginning of hard-drive failure.

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