Why has Borderlands 3 thrown out its playable Vault Hunters again?

Borderlands 3 has a Vault Hunter-sized narrative problem stemming from keeping one foot in the past and the other in the developer's chosen favorites.

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VTKC209d ago

would be good if there was the option to use all the past vault hunters (dead ones included)

-Foxtrot209d ago

Yeah I really loved Lilith’s phase walk and it’s a shame they can’t just add past characters

Apparently it’s so they can add “character development” but they can do both, other games do it

Zombieburger638208d ago

Maybe an option once you beat the game the old characters are unlocked.

EDKICK208d ago

The vault hunters from 1 had way more character depth and development as main characters in 2 and were used in ways they never could have been in 1.

Not sure what "other games do it" proves? Not sure what other first person co-op looter shooter/dungeon crawler has great character development for their playable characters to the extent you can have if the characters are NPC's integral to the story.

-Foxtrot208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

I just meant games have main characters you play as with plenty of development.

Gearbox are the ones that came out during Borderlands 2 that the change was so the original vault hunters could have characters development even though despite not saying much they had more charm and development then the ones in Borderlands 2.

I just think if you have this mindset of "we can only do good development if they are NPC's" then maybe you're writing is lacking.

Each charter in Borderlands had a reason to be on Pandora but it was never officially stated within the game, just guides and online information before the games release. Lilith was to find another Siren who she heard was on the planet (Steele), Mordecai came to find a man he was looking for and how he died, Brick was to find his sister and Roland was to find someone who had the same name as someone he swore he would kill. All that backstory and they never used it.

EDKICK208d ago

Ok, I don't fully disagree with that, I just don't think with the nature of how the playable characters interact and speak throughout the game especially in co-op that the character development potential isn't near what it is with those characters in NPC roles. I'm not sure it's even a lack of writing talent more than it is a lack of writing opportunity. If that makes any sense.

I agree with what your saying with the backstories of vault hunters I would have enjoyed hearing more of the backstories from the vault hunters in 2 when talking with the original vault hunters during the story but that gets really difficult in co-op doesn't it? I'm not sure there's a clear solution with drastically changing what Borderlands is in terms of narrative design, quests, and dialogue imo.

Cmv38209d ago

I agree. Expand the roster, instantly adds replayability. Not sure why this concept is lost on them.

TorpeAlex209d ago

Balance, character/enemy reactions/interactions and bug testing. Adding in such a large number of abilities might be difficult for them especially since the previous games were all made on UE3 and Borderlands 3 is UE4.

209d ago
Chexs1990209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

It's gearbox dude. Any kind of rational thought is lost on them

Gameseeker_Frampt209d ago

So much whinging about this. It would of been appropriate to try to make this argument before Borderlands 2 launched but now, after seeing how well introducing new vault hunters worked then, complaining about it is just pathetic. Borderlands 2 came out in 2012. You've had 7 years to play with those vault hunters. Please stop complaining about having to try something new.

3-4-5208d ago


I love video games, but I can't stand 75% of gamers out there. Too many spoiled entitled kids who complain every time they don't get their way.

C4rnos208d ago

Undoubtedly there's gonna be dlc for new ones anyway, play the base game- wait for the inevitable dlc that Gearbox are gonna do.

OldGuyStillGaming209d ago

It’s a new game
I want new characters and abilities

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The story is too old to be commented.