Batman voice actor teases what may be the next Arkham game

From GameWatcher: "It's been over four years since the climactic end of Rocksteady's Batman Arkham Knight, and we've been greatly anticipating a new game from Batman Arkham Origins developer WB Montreal. Now Batman's voice actor is seemingly teasing the next Batman Arkham game, and we're all excited."

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Marcello611d ago

So the next game is a sequel to Batman Arkham: Oranges.

MoonConquistador611d ago

Well it's gotta be Batman Arkham Apples surely lol

611d ago
elliselijah92611d ago (Edited 611d ago )

No surely it's Batman Arkham: Bananas, which explores how the shipment of Banana's in Arkham Asylum caused the Joker to question his sexuality. Perfect premise for a video game releasing in 2019.

TheKingKratos611d ago

Oh god i hope it either a Knight sequel or Origins sequel

TeamIcoFan611d ago

Want an origins sequel.
Can easily see it covering Harvey Dent's transformation into two face, or Pamela Isley's transformation into poison ivy, or Dr. Jonathan Crane's transformation into scarecrow.

The possibilities for an Arkham Origins sequel are vast.

EDKICK611d ago

I mean I'd still play an Origins sequel and I don't doubt it could be good. However I disagree about the vast possibilities, a
post-Origins, pre-Asylum game would be the most limiting time period they could explore imo. We already know where all these characters end up. Origins struggled to gain respect and recognition and felt like a side game due to not being made by Rocksteady and due to the fact they couldn't take many risks with it being a prequel, so many peoples thought was "oh, I'll just wait for the next REAL/MAIN Arkham game" a pre/sequel would trap them in that same space.

AnalogStickGaming611d ago

I don't know exactly what he was talking about, but last year I had the chance to meet Kevin Conroy at an event and asked when he would be voicing batman again, and he said "I just recorded for a new game, I think it was announced? I'm not sure, but look forward to that." and yet, nothing has been announced that I know of.

Furesis611d ago

maybe he meant injustice 2?

AnalogStickGaming610d ago

Injustice 2 was 2017, so no, it wouldn't have been that. This was in September of 2018 from what I recall. I just found it curious when he said "I think it's been announced?". Still, it could be nothing, maybe a DC card game, who knows. lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.