Daemon X Machina Review (TheSixthAxis)

TSA writes: What is it that makes robot games so cool? Obviously, the biggest reason is the robots themselves. No matter the genre or setting, a sharply designed bipedal weapons platform is the perfect centrepiece for a memorable interactive experience. Have a cheesy action game full of awkward comedy? Slap a cool robot in there and you’ve got a cult classic From Software game. Making a third-person shooter about an onslaught of aliens and the ravages of nature? Pop some mech suits in there and you’ve got an addictive Capcom shooter franchise. Creating a co-op action game set in a post-apocalyptic world that parallels the struggles of the modern working-class and military bureaucracy? Toss in a bunch of sleek, fully customisable giant mechs and you’ve got Daemon X Machina.

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King_Noctis38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Never thought this would score this high. Can’t wait.

Old McGroin37d ago

It's gotten very average scores elsewhere. Nintendolife only gave it a 7 and they are normally pretty generous, especially with Switch exclusives. I suppose if you like the demo then reviews shouldn't sway you too much anyway.

Segata37d ago

Armored Core series never got above a 65 last gen yet they were great. Western media just never gets these kinds of games

King_Noctis37d ago

I think so. These type of game usually don't score very high. It seems that unless you are a mech fan, there aren't alot of thing you gonna like about this game, which is fortunate for me since I'm a sucker for these type of game.