Gears 5 dev: “Having dedicated ray tracing hardware is huge.” But just not on PC

From PCGamesN: "In a studied, deflecting response to questioning about The Coalition’s plans for Gears 5 on the next-gen consoles, studio art director, Colin Penty, has been talking in very excited terms about the potential for ray tracing on the Xbox Scarlett console. It’s just a shame the developers weren’t excited enough to enable ray tracing on the PC version."

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Community36d ago
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ButtAnihilator36d ago

"Is it down to the devs not being able to put the money and effort into supporting a resource-intensive pretty for a still small install base?"

I think it's pretty much this.

Axonometri36d ago

The game runs so well for how much modern "pretty" is in it. I think they put their effort in the right places.

andibandit36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Probably ,but then, and correct me if I'm wrong, but the only gpu manufacturer doing raytracing for PC is nVidia, and of those cards only the rtx series is able to do ray tracing?.

If that's the case I'd probably focus on other stuff as well

36d ago
Sophisticated_Chap36d ago

Well that definitely confirms Navi 20.

deadfrag35d ago

No,that confirms a custom gpu chip and most likely still Navi 10 but with extra cores or enhanced cores dedicated to Ray tracing.

kernel36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Can we please stop calling pr "devs". Or in this case, Studio Technical Art Director which is not a dev.

kernel35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

lol, I actually am I developer. I work mainly in the health industry, but ya.

rainslacker35d ago

This site should realize that just throwing on raytracing onto a game doesn't immediately make it look better. A game aesthetic design has to be designed with raytracing in mind, and the lighting/shading need to be set up in a way that accommodates the feature for it to really be effective. Just doing loose raytracing makes everything shiny, which can give the appearance of better looking, but as the initial wow factor wears off, it starts to feel more off than it should.

Not that added texture packs or different lighting techniques can't be used with what's already there, just that turning ray tracing on doesn't do anything without the developer setting things up ahead of time. Given that ray tracing isn't widely available even on PC, it doesn't make a lot of sense to really try too hard to get the feature up and running unless they just want to show off.