Gears 5 Rockstar Skins - What you get with Energy Drink ring codes

From GameWatcher: "Gears 5 is out now, and the big new game from Microsoft has a lot of DLC - such as the Terminator Dark Fate character pack, the Halo Reach pack, and some stuff only available with microtransactions. But what are the Gears 5 Rockstar skins?

You may have heard about the rewards from certain Rockstar energy drinks, but what Gears 5 Rockstar DLC rewards are available? How do you get hold of these special Rockstar codes? We'll show you."

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Welshy10d ago

The only thing you'll get before you get anything meaningful is diabetes. I remember i picked up one of the Destiny 2 cans and you got one blue engram, you know, those things you delete 10 of per quest.

Rockstar promos have got to be the most pointless thing ever.