Publisher Analyzed Top 20% of 2019 Steam Games, Average Game Only Made $16k in Revenue

Mike Rose writes: "I analysed Steam sales data from the last month, and found that:

• The average game is selling around 1,500 units, and making around $16,000, in its first year on sale
• That's down 47% year-over-year

Note that this is based on analyzing only the top 20% of games -- I removed the bottom 80%, as that 80% are barely making any money at all.

If I had included all games released on Steam, these numbers would have been waaay more terrifying."

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warriorcase11d ago

Whats the raw data? What's the source?
I belive steam years ago announced they no longer show sales data so are these based off comments? Reviews?

Christopher11d ago

Read the tweet. He directly links to his data in the first tweet.

warriorcase11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Correct. I didn't see the link on my phone from The tweet, my mistake. It's still not difinitive as it states it's all estimates based on user review numbers and the revenue gathered from some of the devs and steam group numbers which really does seem like it may produce a loose stimate.

It's a shame steam no longer publish real raw numbers so we could see a good comparison to what the epic store effect is along with larger data on effecting variables suvh as other recent releases in the time frame.

kernel11d ago

The source is a random google drive upload, not trustworthy.

Cobra95111d ago

What a surprise. Steam opens the gates to heaps of utter garbage, completely abandons its responsibility to the storefront's quality, and sales come crashing down on average.

I think I'll have a heart attack and die from that surprise.

shuvam0911d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I think subscription based services are the real cause...
I have gamepass on pc and now only play games coming to gamepass...
That is apart from a few good ones on Steam...
Good games always sell...
But there's only so much one can buy...
When I saw the stats, I could immediately relate to the picture...

Note: The analysis is based on top 20% of their games salewise, so I doubt Steam opening up to utter garbage would matter...

awdevoftw11d ago

Kinda makes you realize why some of these devs look for alternative options. Steam has great sales, but, apparently its better for the end user vs. The devs.

kernel11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Not really, the numbers make no sense at all. Steamspy used to have numbers, and they don’t look like this at all.

awdevoftw11d ago

Point is, without visability or a big push from a big publisher, games can get buried in steam and hamper the ability to make money. The more options the devs have the better for them and us.

kernel11d ago

Well sure, but thats no different than any other store for any other platform. I dont think trying to illustrate it with numbers from who knows where helps anyone.

harmny11d ago

Now do epic game store top 20%

DaDrunkenJester11d ago

There are so many factors that aren't accounted for here and honestly some of the numbers dont even add up.

Plus, Epic isnt giving deals to all indie devs, just the ones that already have a larger following which at that point would have already sold well on steam also.

warriorcase11d ago

My thoughts exactly. It's a good estimate but there are a lot of variables and a lack of solid definitive numbers.

Lon3wolf11d ago

Very much this, too many variables for this to be a true picture of anything.

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